Lettres, Ladies, and Libraries


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This past weekend Honest Aromas was a vendor at the Oil City Belles Lettres Club bazaar. It occurred to me that I didn’t know why the Belles Lettres started. I mean, I used to take my children to their building downtown to perform for the Jr. Schubert club, and my husband and I held formal youth group dinners there, but I was not sure what the ladies at the Belles Lettres actually did.

Well as it turns out, the founders of this club were amazing!

The Belles Lettres Club was formed for the purpose of studying literature and maintaining a library (the name Belles Lettres comes from a French phrase for fine writing, and is a general term for a type of well-crafted literature). An active member of Belles Lettres, Cora Hull Ramage, began corresponding with Andrew Carnegie of Pittsburgh. She requested that Mr. Carnegie donate money for a library. He agreed to donate $44,000 to build the library, provided that the citizens provide a site and guarantee $3,000 annually to maintain it.

Andrew Carnegie once said, “A library outranks any other thing a community can do to benefit its people. It is a never failing spring in the desert.” Over his lifetime, Mr. Carnegie contributed an estimated 150 million dollars to nearly three thousand libraries in the United States and Great Britain. Oil City was fortunate to be one of the recipients, but the library hasn’t received any Carnegie money since.

CarnegieLibrary-300x199The women of the Belles Lettres Club went to work and raised over $11,000 to purchase the present site at the corner of Central Avenue and West Front Street.

On July 6, 1904, the Carnegie Library of Oil City opened its doors with five thousand books that were donated by the Belles Lettres Club.*

WOW! You go ladies!


*Information from http://www.oilcitylibrary.org/index.php/information/history/

Honest Aromas Now Supports A21 Campaign!!


Yesterday, Honest Aromas decided on an amazing idea! What if we could take some of the revenue that comes in and really make a difference in the world? We decided that A21 campaign meets all of the criteria that we wholeheartedly support!

Every day, hundreds of women get abducted and sold into human sex slavery. Did you know that? Currently 99% of the women never escape and the most deviant acts that we should not even be able to humanly comprehend, occur.

A21 is dedicated to eradicating this travesty in the 21st Century, hence the name. They cannot do it with out support- it is a world wide, God sized problem, even happening close to home. A suburb of Nashville, TN recently broke a ring and there was a sting outside of Akron, OH! It is real, it is happening, and it is the fastest growing crime in the world!

We encourage YOU to donate to this amazing organization. But we want you all to know, that a percentage of what Honest Aromas earns every month is going directly to this organization, so YOU are also supporting it when you purchase our products!

The repair and therapy that these women have to receive when they are found is extensive and expensive. If it were not for selfless physicians, therapists and donations, they would probably not be able to recover. Many many women before being found, took their own lives. Isn’t it so exciting and amazing to think WE CAN HELP?

Here is Katja’s Story that I have linked so you can get an idea of the bigger picture. Let us turn for good what evil means for harm and fight a good fight together<3

For the Ladies

Hello everyone! I hope your week is going well and you are enjoying the last few days of summertime!

Today I want to get a little up close and personal – well, more than a little. Today’s post will be focused more on you ladies, although you gentlemen are more than welcome to stick around. 🙂

In the past few weeks I have been formulated an all-natural douche for ladies who deal with irritation. Most of the similar preparations you find in the store are loaded with chemicals and perfumes! And for an… ahem, already sensitive area that relies on a highly delicate balance of good bacteria to stay healthy, these products can do more harm than good!

In addition to hygiene items being filled with irritating ingredients, many barrier-type contraceptives are too. A close friend of mine used a spermicide gel that gave her a severe reaction after only one week of use! During that week she noticed a bad smell and some lightheadedness from time to time, but she thought nothing of it. Then finally her body couldn’t take it anymore, and it reacted.

For an entire week she suffered from nausea, vomiting, dizziness, fever, and chills. After several months her body is still purging! Take note that this is a fairly common product she used – I assume that many women deal with the same issues!

How sad it is that all these yucky chemicals are considered normal and even helpful to put not just on our skin but literally in us! How odd that we wouldn’t think of ingesting a vaginal douche, deodorant, or contraceptive gel, but we are for some reason okay with putting them in one of the most sensitive areas of our bodies!

But the good news is you don’t need to do all that! So many wholesome and helpful remedies exist in nature that are just as effective – if not more – and without the synthetic drawbacks!

My douche formula includes manuka, German chamomile, and lavender (angustifolia) essential oils, which are all very gentle and skin-nourishing, perfect for a pleasant and gentle clean. I use it myself and it has been so helpful. Within 24 hours of use it completely improved the irritation I had!

If you are interested in this product or a custom one tailored to your particular needs, please let me know! I so want to help everyone – especially my fellow ladies 🙂 – achieve pure and true health that isn’t reliant on or adulterated by synthetic chemicals.

Have you ever had a severe reaction like the one my friend had? What did you learn from it? We want to hear from you!