Throwback: All About Spearmint

Today we hearken back to an oil we featured this past spring: Spearmint! 

Hello all! Hope your week is going well!

Last week we shared our newest product: the Allegheny Woods collection. One of the ingredients in this special blend is Spearmint oil (Mentha spicata).

Spearmint is sweeter, cooler, and more mellow than its relative Peppermint (Mentha piperita). Our favorite brand comes from Pompeii Organics.



Spearmint is an excellent calming oil. It soothes the body and even aids with depression. You can use spearmint for colds and flu, as it fights infection and clears airways. It is also an effective anti-fungal agent and can help with digestion.

Spearmint is a gentler mint, which makes it great for more soothing applications. It offers the freshness of mint without the bite! That’s why we chose it for our Allegheny Woods blend.

Are you interested in trying this wonderful oil out for yourself? Shoot us an email (! We work with our favorite company Pompeii Organics to bring you the best prices for the best quality oils.

Have you ever used spearmint before? Let us know what you think!


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Here’s a bit of “Throwback Saturday” for you ;). This is from way back in June when we were a month into starting our business. Oh how we’ve grown! 🙂 This will hopefully answer questions you may have about aromatherapy. Of course, we are always open for additional questions!

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