Essential Oils and Autism

This week we’ve been talking about our personal story of having a son who is autistic. Today I want to highlight some ways that essential oils can help people who struggle with autism and special needs in general.

One of my favorite blogs about autism and family dynamics is Our Crazy Adventures in Autismland. Penny gives so much honest and insightful information into a journey not a lot of people know about.

One post of her’s that caught my attention is “Using Essential Oils for Autism“, which is full of great information on how to use EO’s to calm and focus special needs children. As an aromatherapist, I do want to say that using oils, especially on children, and especially on special needs children, must come with caution. Dilute oils to stay safe and pay attention to how they affect your child! What works for one person may work differently or not at all for another, and of course stay aware of allergies and sensitivities. An essential oil will have no benefit if it’s causing an allergic reaction!

One oil that helped Penny’s daughter was peppermint. It reduced a fever she had and it helped with focus.

I wanted to reach my little girl, so I was willing to try nearly anything. I was shocked to find out that peppermint helped increase her ability to focus. It helped a LOT!

Peppermint is an amazing mind-clearer, great to awaken and boost creativity. We featured a post on Peppermint back in the summer, and it’s so wonderful to see how it’s been helpful to someone else too!

Check out Our Crazy Adventures in Autismland, and let us know if you’re interested in peppermint or any of the other oils we’ve covered that are great for special needs. We are here to offer the best information and help we can!

Have you ever used EO’s for special needs? Have you ever tried peppermint? Would you?

ADHD and Sandalwood

In yesterday’s post I talked about my son who is on the autistic spectrum. Something I’ve put together to help comfort and calm him during difficult moments is my ADHD Proprietary Blend, a lotion with nourishing and supporting essential oils, perfect for anyone (especially kids) who needs focus and grounding.

adhd blend

One of the active oils in this blend is Hawaiian Sandalwood (Santalum paniculatim), which according to Pompeii Organics is very calming.

Sandalwood, like Vetiver and Patchouli, is grounding, making the user feel secure and safe. It’s amazing for anxiety and depression.

Sandalwood also kills bacteria and fungus and helps heal the skin and relieve pain. It’s great for cold and flu season because it decongests and fights infection.

Are you interested in trying our ADHD blend for yourself or someone you know? Send us an email, or find us at one of our upcoming Fall festivals! We are sensitive to people with special needs and want to help them and the people who love them live life to its fullest potential! As always, feel free to contact us with any questions.

Have you ever used essential oils to help with attention deficit or hyperactivity needs? We want to hear from you!