Many essential oils come from what we would consider common plants or even weeds. Today’s oil is one of these. Meet yarrow (Achillea millefolium)!


Although this plant is common in many applications, the essential oil (our favorite comes from Pompeii OrganicsĀ ) has some very helpful benefits.

yarrow oil.jpg

Yarrow is great for small wounds, because it relieves pain and stops bleeding. It’s also anti-inflammatory and rebuilds skin tissue.

Yarrow helps clear respiratory passages in the event of a cold or flu. It’s antispasmodic, which makes it great for muscles and coughs.

The essential oil is a lovely blue color and has a soft flowery scent. It’s a great oil to have around the house, as it’s helpful for a variety of uses while still being pretty cost-effective.

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One of the more potent essential oils is Tarragon (Artemesia dracunculus). Due to its chemical structure, it is so strong that only one drop in two ounces of carrier is more than enough!

According to the Aromatic Wisdom Institute, tarragon is great for acute issues like coughs and muscle spasms. It also has sedative properties, making it helpful in cold and flu blends. It’s antispasmodic effects make it great for irritable bowel syndrome, as it calms spasms in the gut.

Because it is so strong, tarragon is not suitable for long-term use. If you do use it, make sure the oil is diluted and that you only use it for a few days in a row.

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