Allegheny Woods

The newest item to grace our various shelves is our new, original, Allegheny Woods room spray, soap, and lotion!

Allegheny Woods Lotion-whiteAllegheny Woods Soap-white (1)



These products came from an idea of a friend, who manages a vacation cabin in our area. We wanted to craft a scent that captures everything we love about the Pennsylvania Alleghenies: fragrant woods, fresh plants, and a minty tang in the air!

This new collection hasn’t made it to our online store yet, but you can pre-order by calling us (814-673-2797) or sending an email (! Don’t forget to visit us in Beaver County this weekend and claim your bottle of Western PA experience!

Why We Love Soap Alchemy

Hi everyone! Hannah here.

Today I want to share a small business I love: Soap Alchemy in Beaver, PA!


Soap Alchemy is a lovely little soap shop in one of the cutest towns in the Pittsburgh Area. This store uses all-natural ingredients and essential oils to create beautiful-smelling, healthy soap. The employees are friendly and have a wealth of knowledge for their products.

Their soaps range from basic Castile soaps like Cedar and Lavender to more specialty products, like Shea Butter Black with activated charcoal (which I use for my face!) and Dead Sea Mud. I use the Mint Oatmeal daily and I really want to try the Coffee Kitchen soap!

My Mint Oatmeal is on the left; I couldn’t resist making it a soap sock with some lovely Peruvian wool yarn I got… also in Beaver 🙂

As far as performance goes, Soap Alchemy’s products are amazing. They lather wonderfully while still lasting incredibly long – the bars I got were the smaller size, and after two weeks of constant use they are still a decent size! The scents are pleasant, but not overpowering. And when they say “unscented”, they really are!

So check out Soap Alchemy on their site or visit them in Beaver. They are dedicated to quality products that encourage health and wellness – all stuff we at Honest Aromas strive for too!



Review: African Black Soap

Hey everyone! Hannah here. Today I want to share about one of my new favorite skincare products: African Black Soap!

I heard about this soap from a friend who was using it to treat her acne. At first, I thought it was a little odd. Here was a bar of very black soap streaked with oatmeal that lathered into gray bubbles. Weird.

But my husband and I had run out of face wash, and I wanted to replace it with something natural. I mostly use all-natural makeup and haircare products, and I love being able to care for my body without worrying what I’m slathering on! So I went to our local health store and bought a bar of African black soap.


I bought this brand. It was only 5 bucks for a large bar! I washed my face as soon as I got home; I was so excited. And my face felt so nice! Nourished and healthy, thoroughly clean without feeling tight. Oh, and sooo soft. And the best part? Within a few days my face had significantly cleared up!

My husband and I both use the bar, and I use it in the shower too. It’s been nearly a month, but the bar is still a decent size; a little goes a long way! It has a pleasant scent, natural and fruity but not overpowering, appropriate for ladies or more manly folk. 🙂

African Black Soap, according to the Nubian Heritage website, has been used on the continent for hundreds of years. Its color is due to the use of palm ash in the soap. It also contains tamarind – an ancient medicine – and plantain, which is known for its healing properties. Coconut oil and aloe vera juice are also present in the soap, which are both amazing for healing skin and fighting bacteria.

I already love using our own Clear and Healthy Face Blend, and I’m excited to pair it with African Black Soap as an after-cleansing treatment.

Have you ever used African Black Soap? Would you try it? Let us know what you think in the comments below, and check back tomorrow as I review some of my favorite all-natural makeup products!



Pictures from Apple Fest!

We can’t resist showing some more pictures from our Apple Fest station! We are so excited to be out selling our products on this crisp autumn day 🙂

Our stand on the porch of the Bindas Lane Alpacas and Gift Shop:


Hannah’s wool soap socks:


And soap! Remember my soap making escapades? I triumphed through and now have some available for sale. At the Harmony Festival next weekend, Hannah will have some empty soap socks you can use with our proprietary soaps.


Excited yet? Come to the corner of Elk and Park streets in Franklin! We want to see you there! 🙂


Yesterday I shared about my adventures making soap with coriander essential oil. I thought I’d give an overview of the oil itself for anyone interested. Our information today comes from Aromatics International.

Coriander (Coriandrum savitum) has a fresh scent. It is very uplifting, calming and clarifying to the mind and is great blended with orange or rosemary oils.

Coriander has a warming effect on the skin, making it perfect for arthritis, muscle pain and spasms, and tension headaches. It is antiseptic and antibacterial as well.

Have you ever tried coriander before? Would you try our coriander soap? Let us know what you think!

Squeaky Clean!

Hello everyone!

This past week I’ve been trying a new project: soapmaking!



My first batch was a coriander, coconut oil, and olive oil soap. It didn’t turn out super well, but it’s still soap-ey 🙂

My next batch turned out much better. Behold lavender patchouli!


Homemade soap is always so fun and good to use. It smells great, cleans well, and has none of the harsh detergents, perfumes, and dyes of store-bought soap! This makes it so much better for your skin and body as a whole.


Hannah likes to knit and sell wool soap socks that felt as you use them, creating a built-in scrubbie! We are hoping that as I perfect the art of soapmaking, she can use Honest Aromas soap in her creations. If that happens we will sell them with the rest of our products!

What do you think about all-natural soap? Have you ever tried it? Have you ever used a soap sock?