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We had a loyal customer contact us over the weekend to tell us that she lent her Arthritis Pain Blend to her husband while they were traveling. She reported that, he slept soundly all night with out pain waking him up! This is one of many positive testimonies we receive at Honest Aromas!

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A Kinder, Gentler Thyme <3



I recently made a blend for an older gentleman with major immunity issues. After looking at a few oils that I had been thinking about, there was no doubt about it when I came to Thyme Ct. (Chemotype) Linalol. It is a much gentler powerhouse compared to it’s relative Thyme Ct. Thymol which is my go to in our Snore No More blend! It’s perfect for children or those with compromised immune systems.

Here is what Pompeii has to say about it;

When school starts and your children come home with all kinds of germs? It’s time to think “Thyme!”

This species of the essential oil of Thyme, Thyme Linalol, is a milder Thyme and more gentle for children and anyone needing a gentler touch. It is not as hot to the skin or as irritating as Thyme Thymol, but with both oils always dilute properly in a carrier oil such as jojoba or coconut oil.

A powerhouse in terms of fighting viral infections, Thyme Linalol, with herbal its slightly sweet, woody note, is also known for its healing ability of the following ailments:Colds and Flu, Muscular Pains, Bronchitis, Gout, Throat Infections, Arthritis, Thrush, Acne

Thyme Linalol is one of the most gentle, anti-septic oils available, where it offers excellent acne and dermatitis treatment without the irritating potential of the other anti-septic oils. Due to its strong anti-inflammatory and antiseptic activity, this oil is a great choice for those with acne, or oily skin, as well as a great choice for household room sprays and diffusing the room of a sick loved one.

The essential oil of thyme blends well with the essential oils of Bergamot, Grapefruit, Lemon, Lavender, Rosemary and Pine.

This reminds me why it is so important to be educated on the various oils and chemical differences! Not all oils called Thyme or Lavender (or others) are the same, they have different properties. So Thyme Ct. Linalol has taught us  you can be both gentle and powerful!! A good reminder as we head into the weekend<3

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