Honey Mint

Hello all! Spring is here and we’re excited. It’s our favorite season, almost our favorite holiday, and one of our favorite products has gotten a face lift! Meet the new and improved Honey Mint Lip Balm!

Honey Mint Lip Balm

This luxurious balm is made with a blend of coconut oil and beeswax, as well as nourishing ingredients like local honey and spearmint essential oil. Unlike commercial lip balms, which are formulated to make your lips dry so you buy more, our product is truly moisturizing and healing!

We chose spearmint for its softer, sweeter minty taste. We are planning to experiment with some tints to offer several shades of balm, but for now, we’re excited with this new formula, and we’ll be offering it in our online store soon! Stay posted – we can’t wait to share our new lip balm with you!


New and Improved!

One of our best-loved products is our Joint and Muscle Pain Blend. This lotion blend was perfect for arthritis sufferers, athletes, and everyone in between!

joint and muscle.jpg


But as part of our ever-present desire to improve our experience and offerings, we have updated our Joint and Muscle Blend. It’s still the same lotion-based formula you love with a different selection of essential oils that are more finely-tuned for your needs: Clove, Birch, and Cinnamon! This blend is stronger than the original, so it lasts longer.


This also now comes in a convenient pumper bottle, which is easier on the joints :). It also contains Trauma Trio, a blend of three carrier oils (from The Herbal Guy), which are excellent for healing and nourishing.

Are you interested in our new and improved blend? Let us know! We are working to get it up in our store as soon as possible. Have a great week!

Our Newest Product!

In the past few weeks, we’ve been working on the formula and packaging for one of our newest products: all-natural antiperspirant!


This amazing product is, as the name suggests, full of all-natural ingredients, including diatomaceous earth, coconut oil, and essential oils. It comes in a small container perfect for travel and everyday use!

The antiperspirant in itself is wonderful. It controls odor and wetness without clogging your pores with toxins, all while leaving a clean and fresh herbal scent. Both Julia and Hannah (and some of our other colleagues and friends) use it everyday and love it!

We will have this new item available in our store soon. Stay posted!

Have you ever used all-natural deodorant? What did you think? Have a great weekend!