And The Results Are In… (drum roll, please;-)


Remember a few months ago when I posted about detoxing after my doctor found out that my liver really wasn’t working well? Well, I have been on that diet ever since, giving up coffee, taking it back up a few times, not eating dairy, sugar, or most grains and watching my fruit intake.

I followed up with that same doctor this week and he said that I was doing amazing!He said; “congratulations, you just added 5 years to your life”! I have lost 16 pounds so far, and many of my labs have done a 180 degree turn! My body is starting to heal it self!! My iron levels are not in the range they need to be, and the same is true for my thyroid, but we are in the “tweaking stage”, as he called it, and as I continue, the results will improve!!

I am so thankful for that great news and I definitely feel the healthiest I have been in my whole life- despite having a ways to go! I do not have the sugar cravings, and I am much more even keeled with my adrenals being supported with supplements. I sleep great and have a lot more energy and stamina. Any inflammation I had is completely gone and my mind is clearer. I desire to stay on this diet the rest of my life, having the indulgences for special occasions.

Essential Oils have definitely helped with stress. I have such an amazing Aroma wafting through my home because of what I do, and I am thankful for the supportive roll they play in strengthening my immune system. I personally like to blend Frankincense and Lavender in some Avocado oil and use as a moisturizer. It is calming and fortifying and smells pretty delicious!

So, if you want to re boot your health, I definitely recommend a fast. Getting sugar out of your diet, in all forms, is the biggest health shift you can make! It will change your life! Your not alone, I am right here with you on the health journey and I want to hear from you today!

A Life That Matters…..


(Photo, Gabrielle Allman)

As I said in an earlier blog, Christmas time, although promoted as a warm, cozy, relational time, can be a time of anxiety and loneliness for many.

Those feelings beg me to ask, is my life a life that matters? If I do not feel what I am doing matters, I do not feel that my life matters. My friend, Lyndell Hetrick Holtz, wrote about this on her Heart Mender’s Blog-  I Too Want a Life that Matterscheck it out! She has a very  concise  way of facing life’s hard things. She  often says; “Face it, Feel it, Free it”!

I gain great comfort in that when I consider the only way to any healing is to face the issue or failure head on. We tend to avoid  hard things because we think it is easier to do so. We do it in little ways or it can become Excessive Avoidance Disorder– and our culture is heaped in it. We avoid doing hard things, keeping commitments, and putting the work in first and it is destructive.

If we want to have holistic health, it is going to take more than swallowing a vitamin every now and then. It is going to take facing our dilemma,  whether we caused it or some one else did. Feel the pain of it, express it out loud, or write down your thoughts in a journal. And then open your hands and release it. I will stand where ever I am, lift my hands to God and tell Him all of my concerns. I will tell Him, I have no power over this, only the power to release it to you. And then I will say, I trust you are working all these things for good in my life and I release this to you. It is weighing me down, I feel insignificant, I feel like I am not seeing any benefit to getting up and doing what is right every day. Many times I will write that down and put it on my cupboard, to remind my self that it is not my burden.

To live a life that matters, we need to be different than the masses. Routines are awesome. Habits will work for our good or our detriment! If I get up every morning and pray and exercise, that is going to lead me to a different destination than having a cigarette with my coffee and do nut!! (You may chuckle, but this was my early life!!) Holistic health will effect all of your life and the little things you change will have an everlasting impact! If a plane takes off and it is even a little bit off it’s course, in the end of that trajectory, it is not going to land at it’s destination!

If you are sad, lonely and really struggling today, please consider what I have said. I want to help you with the help I have received. Check out Lyndell’s blog and other encouraging people like Rick Warren and Dr. John Townsend. You do not have to stay where you are! How do you want to have a life that matters? What do you want your destination to be?

We are right here with you cheering you on!! Head into the weekend, with a renewed sense of your life mattering. Lay aside the pressure from culture and  glean the true meaning of Christmas in the Gospels of, Matthew, Mark, Luke or John! We want to hear from you today:-)


As I was getting ready this morning, I decided I needed a new perspective! I decided to look these up and was encouraged as I read them. I hope they are an encouragement to you as well!

Honest Aromas

autism quote

I think that is a good reminder for all of us for any one in our life! Even when we look at ourselves! Perspective matters.

I have been meditating on the fact that I am; Deeply Loved, Fully Accepted, Completely Forgiven, and Fully Pleasing to God. I can forget that when I see myself through the filter of my mistakes. But if I look at myself through that truthful perspective, I can tend to see others through it as well.

Perspective and perception have even more to do with holistic health than what supplements and essential oils you use. You can be transformed by the renewing of your mind. 

So, today, take some time to encourage those around you in their strengths….think about other’s strengths and tell them about it! We all get encouraged when we hear those things.

Have a great Thursday, we want to hear from you today!

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You are my sunshine!

You make me happy when skies are grey, you’ll never know dear how much I love you, please don’t take my sunshine away! I recently sang this with my daughter and a good friend in 3 part harmony…one of my favorite things to do that bring me joy:-)img_20160721_080728

Have you ever struggled with depression? I have. I know a lot of people who do as well. Right now we are all dealing with summer winding down and looking toward the start of a new school season.

For us who live in Northern states, and who deal with depression, we can already start thinking about the long winter that is ahead…..noooooooooooooo!!!

My daughter and I were discussing this in light of relationships this weekend. We have people in our lives who are quite auroral– they are like the dawn, a bright spot in our lives, we look forward to them.

We have others who are constantly prickly. They sharpen us and make us have to rely on patience and grace to respond to them in a right and healthy way.

We have others who are a constant source of grey-skyedness!! ( I like to make up words;-) These people are like Eeyore from Whinnie- the P00h! We tend to want to avoid them because they can drag us down, and the truth is, we need to be wise about how to interact with them, for their sake and ours.

Honestly, lately, I have been grey. Sometimes I feel like the things I am dealing with in my life are never going to change. ..hopelessness is the worst of all feelings.  I do not always get to spend time with the shiny people in my life and some times that is just a reality.

As my daughter and i were talking, we discussed how you can not make attaining happy feelings all the time your goal- giving it God status in your life. But being aware of how you are feeling and what small changes you can make to incorporate “sunshine” in your life, is just wise.

I can easily loose perspective and give up. I can also turn around and be super excited and exuberant when some thing goes right for me or some one else!! I always want to be that person, really! I always want to be sunshine in other people’s lives.

As part of the Holistic theme of our business, I just wanted to validate the mental health part of our complex person. I want to  tell you I am there too and want to be a support and your biggest cheerleader!

This weekend I decided to turn to some helpful and healthy teas when I want to relax. Lemon Balm was my tea of choice for the evening. It is uplifting and calming at the same time.  Skin Detox tea with it’s bright red Hibiscus, is my choice for mid mornings. Instead of having that 5th cup of coffee (or Monster…)that can make me edgy, I am putting some beautiful high anti-oxidant mixes in my cup.  Kombucha is also a great choice. It is intestinal flora friendly, calming and energy promoting at the same time.

So, lets LIVE today with our fond memories and our hopes for tomorrow!

God Bless you! We want to hear from you today!