May You Always Have Tea Beside The Fire


That quote is from the Irish Blessing printed inside my Celtic ceramic bread dish. Both sides of my family immigrated here from Ireland and I haven’t traveled there YeT, but my soul connects to my roots especially on weeks like this!

May you always have tea (water, food, clothing) beside the fire (shelter), and I would add; with a thankful heart. Top O’ the Mornin’ to ya, and Top O’ the week!

Top O The Mornin’

20160303_132041.jpgTea! I am a Coffee Person, but I love a good cup black tea from time to time…especially Irish Breakfast and especially this time of year;-)

Black tea is fermented and oxidized which differentiates it from it’s green and white counter parts and which also gives it’s unique flavor. Although I have been taught that nothing too good comes from oxidized things…black tea does have a load of benefits!

According to black tea can benefits range from lowering high cholesterol and blood pressure to supporting bad digestion, and poor circulation to name just a few!

Of course you can add some raw honey and lemon for some added health benefits. I like it that way when I feel a cold or the flu is going around, but usually I prefer mine with little coconut milk;-)

So if you are like me, and love your morning cup o’ jo….change it up from time to time and celebrate other flavors and health benefits. As the old Irish blessing goes; “May you always have tea beside the fire”…