Epsom Salt!



I am always amazed how many people DO NOT know about the benefits of Epsom Salt! If I would go to my mother with any ailment, she would say; “go soak in Epsom Salt!”. It always seemed rather boring to me and even like a cop out!! But as I have studied and applied health to my own life, Epsom Salt has become a necessary staple in my home.

Epsom salt, named for a bitter saline spring at Epsom in Surrey, England, is not actually salt but a naturally occurring pure mineral compound of magnesium and sulfate.  As the chart shows above, it can reduce stress and all over inflammation! We used it every morning for a few years as a bath for our son who has Autism. It proved to relax him, and get that much needed Magnesium into his system.

Last night, our daughter who runs Cross Country at school, had significant inflammation in her ankle as well as a shin splint ;-( I made her a very warm, teetering on hot bath, of 2 Cups Epsom salt and 10 drops Helichrysum (which is the go-to oil for bruises) for her to soak in.  She came out about one half hour later saying that she felt “so good!” and she continued by icing the leg and ankle. This morning her ankle had completely returned to normal size, as it reduced inflammation with this protocol and resting through the night.

This week I also spoke at an Arthritis Support group and I, again, was amazed to find the participants who had never tried Epsom salt in their repertoire ! It is an inexpensive alternative many times providing more relief, with no side effects, than pain medication ( of course consult with your own Physician if you are on a specific protocol.)

So, I couldn’t let the week go by with out reminding you how great this supplement is and encourage or remind you to try it for what ever ails you! Epsom salt is also The Perfect Carrier for your favorite Essential Oils. Rule of thumb, 1 ounce of Epsom salt to 4-5 drops of Essential Oil. Make sure your Essential oil is not skin irritating if you are going to take a bath in it!! Lavender,Roman Chamomile Rose Absolute or heavier oils like Patchouli and Sandalwood are great oils to blend in Epsom Salt for a calming and relaxing bath.

Have you tried Epsom Salt? We want to hear from you today!

The Journey With Vigor!

20161227_204833Good Morning!! I just thought i would “sit down and have a chat with you face to face” this morning, that is my favorite kind of conversation:-)

I went to the doctor today, and you wouldn’t know it, but I am extremely anemic. It has been some thing I have been dealing with for many years. Scary suggestions have been presented to me, both of which I will not choose. 1. Get an iron transfusion, which is extremely risky, 2. Get a blood transfusion, which is a little less risky, but risky non-the -less! I choose 3. Seek out another opinion through a Holistic Doc. who has helped some one I know deal with their anemia. I would appreciate your prayers on my journey.

So, if you know any thing about anemia, you know that energy is non existent….so why would I name this “A Journey with Vigor”? Because, I have been on an interesting journey the last few years and although I have had times of wanting to give up, I refuse to let shortcomings hold me back! I Choose to be victorious in the plans God has for my life and I choose to live a pure life with Vigor! I choose it, like I choose to love even when I don’t feel it, I choose to change, I choose to set my mind on things above. I pray that all of these choices are wrapped in a beautiful, fragrant package of gentleness!

In studying God (and aromatherapy!), I have crossed paths with such interesting people! One person is Dr. Henry Cloud (in his book form;-) and he make an acute observation about God. That if we could cultivate these 4 things of God’s personality, we would greatly improve our day to day functioning. They are;

  1. Bond with others.
  2. Separate from others.
  3. Sort out issues of good and bad.
  4. Take charge as an adult.

He goes on to say that “without the ability to perform these basic God-like functions, we can literally remain stuck for years and growth and change can elude our grasp.”

I would have to say, these are the very issues I have been learning about and growing in; up close and personal, over the last few years! It hasn’t been easy, or pretty and smooth, but I believe it is right where I am supposed to be. I invite you on it with me!!

Speaking of Journeys, reminds me of Carrier Oils!! We use a carrier oil in Aromatherapy to dilute the essential oil before it is applied,but Carrier Oils also have their own therapeutic benefits that deliver that essential oil in it’s desired application. One of my favorite carriers, and one that Honest Aromas is going to start “carrying” (haha;-) Is Trauma Oil! I make custom blends for a handful of customers now with this superb blend of oils, helpful in it’s own right./honestaromas.com/2015/08/18/trama-oil/ helps with nerve pain and inflammation and when paired with anti-inflammatory or warming oils stops pain in it’s tracks.Click on the links I have included in this blog to learn more.

I am right here with you on your journey cheering you on! I am learning, growing and changing too! Let’s be better people, with Vigor, in every way in 2017!!





Many essential oils come from what we would consider common plants or even weeds. Today’s oil is one of these. Meet yarrow (Achillea millefolium)!


Although this plant is common in many applications, the essential oil (our favorite comes from Pompeii Organics ) has some very helpful benefits.

yarrow oil.jpg

Yarrow is great for small wounds, because it relieves pain and stops bleeding. It’s also anti-inflammatory and rebuilds skin tissue.

Yarrow helps clear respiratory passages in the event of a cold or flu. It’s antispasmodic, which makes it great for muscles and coughs.

The essential oil is a lovely blue color and has a soft flowery scent. It’s a great oil to have around the house, as it’s helpful for a variety of uses while still being pretty cost-effective.

Are you interested in trying delightful yarrow? Contact us! We can give you an exclusive deal as an Honest Aromas customer.

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