Cabins and Woods…..

It is that time of year that you may feel adventurous enough to go on a little hike through the woods….or maybe you are camping.

Our Allegheny Woods Hand Soap and Lotion are the perfect pair for your outdoor adventures! Created with the hemlocks of Pennsylvania in mind…it is the freshness of the outdoors!

We sell this on Amazon! Find yours today!

Allegheny Woods

The newest item to grace our various shelves is our new, original, Allegheny Woods room spray, soap, and lotion!

Allegheny Woods Lotion-whiteAllegheny Woods Soap-white (1)



These products came from an idea of a friend, who manages a vacation cabin in our area. We wanted to craft a scent that captures everything we love about the Pennsylvania Alleghenies: fragrant woods, fresh plants, and a minty tang in the air!

This new collection hasn’t made it to our online store yet, but you can pre-order by calling us (814-673-2797) or sending an email (! Don’t forget to visit us in Beaver County this weekend and claim your bottle of Western PA experience!