A Different Kind of Shamrock Shake

It’s March, which means it’s almost our favorite time of year: St. Patrick’s Day!

Our Irish selves love this rather cheesy holiday. Green! Cabbage! Shamrocks!

Another mainstay of this season is the Shamrock Shake, one of McDonalds’ most popular items this time of the year. Unfortunately, the truth behind this beloved shake is not for the health-minded faint of heart.

One small Shamrock Shake has 530 Calories, 160 mg of sodium, and a whopping 73 grams of sugar ( almost three times the recommended daily amount for women, equal to about seventeen teaspoons)! (Source)

We’re all for a guilty pleasure now and then, but most people probably don’t even realize just how guilty their pleasures might be!

Luckily, there’s a better, healthier, and still pretty yummy way! I introduce a different kind of Shamrock Shake:


This is one of my own creations, a yummy smoothie I like to drink any time of the day. I use creamy coconut milk, fresh cilantro and arugula, sweet raw honey, a little spicy cinnamon and fresh ginger, and vanilla. Peppermint gives it that Shamrock-y taste. And there you have it – a “Shamrock Shake” full of vitamins and real, honest-to-goodness flavor. No artificial colors and flavors here. There’s definitely way less Calories, sugar, and sodium, and more nutritional bang for your buck. All made in the comfort of your own home!

I’m not saying we’ll never have another “real” Shamrock Shake (although that nutritional information was pretty scary!), but it’s good to know there’s another option that you don’t have to feel guilty about!

Would you ever try my recipe? Were you as surprised to find what’s in the Shamrock Shake as much as we were? Enjoy your first week of March folks!

Product Spotlight: Bergamot Laundry Soap


Happy Independence Day friends! We at Honest Aromas are passionate about “health independence”, that is, helping you take charge of your health! We try to achieve this by creating personalized oil blends, healthy versions of favorite products, and health and environmentally friendly cleaning products.

One of our favorite original products at Honest Aromas is our Bergamot laundry soap. We crafted it from a basic laundry detergent recipe and with a few tweaks we made it our own!

One of our goals here is to help our customers reduce the overall chemical load in the home. With so many artificial chemicals, dyes, and perfumes in nearly everything around us, even making small changes toward more natural products in the home can go a long way in impacting health and the environment for good! We want to show that you can be free of chemical-laden products while still achieving the same level of cleanliness that you’re used to. That’s why we carry our laundry and dishwasher detergents and household cleaners. They work great, smell great, and help you feel great! Everyone’s a winner!

The bergamot laundry soap is Hannah’s personal favorite. Made with a simple blend of Borax, washing soda, Zote soap, and bergamot essential oil, it washes clothes beautifully and leaves a light, fresh scent that isn’t overly perfumey. And of course, as we’ve talked about before, bergamot essential oil is uplifting and balancing and helpful for relaxation, so it’s a great scent to have on your clothes!

If you stop by our table at the Oil City Farmer’s Market on Mondays and Thursdays, you can meet our laundry soap in person! Want more information? Send us an email –  we’d love to hear from you!

Have you ever made your own laundry detergent before? How does ours sound?

Have a safe and happy Independence Day!

Herbfest Products

Herbfest starts this Saturday! We’ve been busy making home and health products to sell, and we are super excited to share them with the public for the first time! Here’s a little sneak peek:

Peppermint Honey Lipbalm

IMG_6520We perfected our lip balm recipe, and if we do say so ourselves, it’s amazing! Buttery without being too greasy, pleasantly sweet and minty without being too sticky or strong.

Household Cleaner


This stuff, made with a blend of all-natural cleaning soaps and essential oils, cleans well and smells amazing! It will leave your home with a fresh and clean scent that, unlike store-bought cleaners, won’t overpower your nose!

Laundry Soap


This powdered laundry detergent is what we use for our clothes. It’s efficient, natural, gentle, and without harsh dyes or perfumes. We lightly scent it with bergamot essential oil for a woody, citrus-ey smell.

Tea Tree Throat Gargle

IMG_6511This stuff is awesome for colds and allergies! Hannah used it a few weeks ago for a seasonal allergy cough she had, and it helped clear her throat and open her airways! This gargle is a little strong but it does the trick for any respiratory/mucous related symptoms.

Not pictured are our all-natural dishwasher detergent, soap socks, specialty oil blends, calming bath salts, and clay essential oil pendants. As you can tell, we have quite the variety of products for home and bath and health! If you live in the Clarion/Venango area (or are willing to take the trip), do come down to the Cook Forest Herb Festival this Saturday and Sunday (starting at 10 am both days) and find our booth! We are so excited to show you what we’ve been working on!