Herb Festival!

This weekend, Honest Aromas be at the Cook Forest Herb and Fiber Festival! Have a day of escape into the beautiful woods of Pennsylvania and support the amazing artisans, farmers and entrepreneurs! http://sawmill.org/festivals-special-events/

Saturday, June 3, 2017               10 am to 5 pm

Sunday, June 4, 2017                  10 pm to 4 pm20161002_144537

Come and say hi! We would love to meet you:-)


Markets and Vendors Today!


It is that time of year….Farmer’s Markets, Vendors, Festivals and Side Walk Sales! It’s so fun! I love meeting vendors and the people who are out and about! I love the interaction and the encouragement.

Always support your local hard working vendors in the area you live! Come an see us in front of the Oil City Library on Mondays and Thursdays from 9-4 through out the summer!

We have our Everything Summer Collection which includes; Anti- Itch Spray, Tick Spray and Mosquito Spray. These have been “flying off the shelves” so get them while you can!!

See you there! We want to hear from you today! How have you heard of Honest Aromas?

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Ahhhhh!!! We’re on Amazon!!!!


“Do you know what this is??”, I excitedly texted my husband! “It is our UPC’s from Amazon!!…we are official!” After 4 months of hard work….(A MAJOR THANK YOU TO Kathryn, who is holding the labels!) Some of our products have made through the long process and are  posted on Amazon.com- today!!!!!

Some are still going through the process….but we are SO EXCITED!! Our Allegheny Woods lotion and soap are on there as well as the arthritis blend and lip balm…..soon we will have our inhalers and roller bottles for Snore No More and Headaches on site. Make sure you always choose “All Departments” when looking for Honest Aroma products on Amazon.

Thank you for all of YOUR support and encouragement to us over the last year!! You have supplied a job to our daughter Hannah while she has been in college! You buy our products and she works hard in our social media department…so thank you!! And you supply jobs to others like Kathryn too!! I get to learn, develop and “play” with new oils and carriers in the process!

So, we have a busy day and week ahead of us…getting these products ready to ship to Amazon and getting ready for the

Herb and Fiber Arts Festival – Cook Forest Sawmill Center for the Arts

Blessings on your health and may your soul prosper. 3 John 2



May Mart!!

We will be at Franklin’s May Mart This Saturday and Sunday! Look for us on Elk Street in front of Binda’s Lane Alpaca’s and Gift Shoppe at our tent!!

Remember…. if you use the verbal coupon “Happy Birthday”, you receive 10% off your purchases!!

We want to see you there:-)

Happy Anniversary to US!!


Can you believe it has been a year since Honest Aromas started?!! We can’t, but it has! We ordered our cards and officially went into business on May 1, 2015! Here are some pics of the changes through the year-

It has been an incredible journey in every single way for us. So many changes and so much growth; personally and business wise. I am not even the same person I was a year ago and that is a great thing! Hannah got married in that time as well!

We love helping all of you and providing you with products that are natural, healthy and helpful. We have loved meeting you over the year, thank you for your support and for reaching out to us when we are in public or via emails!

We will be offering an Anniversary Sale this month, so stayed tuned for the discounts in future blogs!  Wo0-Hoo!



Come Find Us!

Sadly, we didn’t see anyone at last Saturday’s class, but there is a new opportunity to find us this coming weekend!

On Sunday, April 10, come to the Boutique Paddle Party in Chippewa, PA, right off of Interstate 376 in Beaver County! The event is at the Chippewa Methodist Community Life Center and will benefit the Blackhawk High School’s band. It kicks off at 1pm and will end at 4.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see us in person! We want to connect with you!

See more about the event here.

Mom at Mall

Tea Tree and Throats

Hello and thank you to everyone who came to support us this weekend! We had a great time connecting and sharing and doing what we love!

This weekend we’ll be at the Zelienople Harmony Country Fall Festival on Saturday and Sunday. If you live in the greater Pittsburgh area, please come see us!


Today I want to highlight the active ingredient in our very effective tea tree gargle – Australian Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) of course! We’ve never looked in depth at this amazing oil on the blog before, so here goes!

According to Pompeii Organics, Tea Tree is awesome for illness because it strengthens the immune system and kills bacteria, viruses, and fungus. It’s used extensively for skin issues like poison ivy, yeast infections, and athlete’s foot.

If you’ve ever smelled tea tree oil, you know it’s very pungent. This makes it great to deodorize air and clean out blocked sinus and respiratory passages.

In our proprietary gargle, salt acts as a carrier for the oils. When dissolved in warm water and gargled, the tea tree can kill any germs and clear your airways! Hannah and I have both used it whenever we feel a cold or flu coming on, whether it be by sniffles, a cough, or sore throat. The gargle is amazingly effective!

You may have heard of Manuka, which is also known as tea tree, but native to New Zealand. Australian Tea Tree, the more common oil we are talking about today, is similar but has many different chemistry and properties. Both are amazing and versatile oils.

If you’re interested in trying our gargle, send us an email or visit us at the Harmony festival! If you’ve ever tried Tea Tree or Manuka, let us know!

Pictures from Apple Fest!

We can’t resist showing some more pictures from our Apple Fest station! We are so excited to be out selling our products on this crisp autumn day 🙂

Our stand on the porch of the Bindas Lane Alpacas and Gift Shop:


Hannah’s wool soap socks:


And soap! Remember my soap making escapades? I triumphed through and now have some available for sale. At the Harmony Festival next weekend, Hannah will have some empty soap socks you can use with our proprietary soaps.


Excited yet? Come to the corner of Elk and Park streets in Franklin! We want to see you there! 🙂

Apple Fest!

The weekend is nearing, and we are gearing up to sell at Apple Fest in Franklin PA! Here’s a sneak peek of the products we’ll be offering:

20150930_201821 20150930_201942

Sample-sized bottles for purchasing oils!
Our proprietary migraine remedy!
Our popular headache roller.
A mood-boosting blend to banish the blues!
Our super effective tea tree gargle.
All-natural remineralizing toothpaste (with adorable wooden applicators 🙂

Does any of this pique your interest? Come to the Franklin Apple Fest, and find me at the Bindas Lane Alpacas and Gift Shop (1261 Elk Street) from 10-6 Friday and Saturday and 1-5 on Sunday! Hope to see you there!!