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I fell in love with Rosalina the second I smelled it for the first time. It has so much to offer because of being so skin friendly (a lot of linalol) and having rosalina_15ml_web__87779-1456147015-1280-1280gentle respiratory benefits (minimal oxide content compared to Eucalyptus globulus). The smell is a sweet combination of Lavender and Eucalyptus with a woodsy and buttery note that is difficult to explain. It simply smells beautiful.

For small children, Rosalina is an excellent substitute for Eucalyptus for respiratory issues.


Latin Name: Melaleuca ericifolia
Plant Origin: Australia
Botanical family: Myrtaceae
Plant Part: Leaves
Processed: Steam distilled, unsprayed
Chemical family: Monoterpenols, Oxides
Aroma: sweet, camphoraceous, warm
Note: middle


euca-globHere’s a post we shared back in the spring. Eucalyptus is excellent for this time of the year, too! Use it for your seasonal cold and flu symptoms. It’s great mixed with Peppermint and German Chamomile in a diffuser or lotion. Enjoy!


Hello folks! We hope you are having a great week before the Easter holiday. Today we want to share an essential oil we’re not quite sure why we haven’t featured before: Eucalyptus! Acco…

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