Feeling Sick?


Sitting here this morning, feeling a little low and run down after the holiday. I made some tea and did some Yoga with Adriene She has a great set of videos for working out when you are not feeling well, check them out! We all need to give our bodies a rest from this busy, stressed filled world- especially at this time of year.

Feed your body with fresh citrus to boost your immune system and lighten your mood, drink some tea with raw honey, and take a little walk. Put a couple drops of of grapefruit, lemon and orange in your diffuser. Read scriptures that are related to healing, Mark 5:34 for instance, and meditate on it.

Here is to a great, healthy week! Who says you have to wait till January 1st?:-)

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Product Highlight: Clay Diffuser Pendants

One of the products we carry is the clay diffuser pendant necklace made by our friend Kim, a local potter at Kim’s Creative Clay. She custom-made this design for us so our customers could have an easy, stylish way to enjoy aromatherapy!


The necklaces hang on a hemp cord and come in three colors: brown, green, and white. Each pendant is stamped with a lovely pattern under a glossy glaze. The backs, however, are raw untreated clay, so you can put your oils directly on them and enjoy the scent for several days! The possibilities are endless. I wear mine during the day, but I’ve also hung them in my car. Hannah keeps a necklace diffusing lavender oil next to her bed!

These make perfect gifts, whether a treat for yourself or for an aromatherapy-loving friend. We’re offering them at $10 each – an amazing value! We want to sell as many as we can to spread the word about Kim’s amazing work. Visit our store or give us a call and choose the colors you want!

Have a great weekend everyone!