Be Brave!


I Started Doodling with my daughter who is still at home. We learned it from my friend who is on her umpteenth round of Chemo.  In the natural, she shouldn’t be alive. But she is Brave! She puts all of her trust and faith in Jesus and completely trusts Him to meet her needs and use everything to bring Him glory, even her Cancer and especially through her art.

The last 5 times I have seen my friend, who lives several hours away, I think it is going to be the last time I will see her. Her son surprised me last month by saying he was going to be driving her here to see her parents and asked if they could stay with us. Honestly I was a little stressed because I knew we had a lot going on that month, but God worked out all the details! I instantly was eager for the visit as they always end up being such a retreat for both of us. It like putting the world on hold and keying into a deep spiritual relationship with another saint. As it turned out, we were gone 2 of the days they were here which allowed them to have time and space to have visitors over! I made one request to my friend, that she teach me something of her artistic ability, because this is a sampling of art that I own from her…

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(See and BUY Jeanette’s art at her website; Jyvonne Inman)

I wanted to sit at her feet and learn something from her so I could say Jeanette taught me how to do this! It wasn’t easy for us to sit down and do that together. She had just found out upon arrival to our home that the cancer had grown in her back and she had been experiencing a lot of pain.

She had a fever a few of the days she was here, which is frighting to some one in her delicate state. She also got sick while she visited and was a bit weak.  But there was some space carved out one evening where she sat with me and my children and told us that all art starts with doodles!

Of course her doodles are masterpieces, but we all worked on our individual pieces as she related how the contrasts are often like the contrasts in life and wove kingdom lessons into everything she taught. “We can’t appreciate the light unless we compare it against the dark times.”

Here is my friend, our evening together and the doodle I made!

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I haven’t been feeling all that brave, strong or courageous lately, that is why I wrote the reminder down. After writing this post, I can’t help by be inspired by this woman who is incredibly brave everyday. From the time our children were all at home (11 children between us) and we were home-schooling moms, to this last visit, Jeanette has inspired me and brought the peace of Jesus to my mind and heart….and reminds me again to be brave. Thank you my friend, I love you<3




We all have them. Those incessant nags about all of our decisions. Doubting is negative, it is  not helpful or healthy to be a doubter. It provides nothing positive in our life.  According to “The Feeling Wheel” developed by Dr. Gloria Wilcox, being skeptical has it’s root in the emotion of being mad.

If I am considering holistic health, I examine how this habit can affect my over all health. I have been challenged by what I have been reading lately.Hannah Whitall Smith wrote this in 1875 concerning doubts;  Do not stop to argue out the matter with yourself or with your doubts. Pay no attention to them what ever, but treat them with the utmost contempt. Shut your door in their very face and emphatically deny every word they say to you.  She wrote a whole chapter on the matter in her book; The Christian’s Secret to a Happy Life. 

The Bible itself explicitly teaches not to doubt.

Jesus replied, “Truly I tell you, if you have faith and do not doubt, not only can you do what was done to the fig tree, but also you can say to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and it will be done.
I have been on a mission of renewing my mind for many years, but much more fervently the last several months. I have overcome an addiction by God’s grace and I see things much clearer than I ever have in my life. I realize that doubting has been an such a hindrance in my life- I never realized how much I participated in it.
I encourage you to take this challenge with me. Look doubt in the face and tell it to go back from where it came from! Like Hannah Whitall Smith said, “pay no attention to doubt what so ever. Then let the doubts clamor as they may, they cannot hurt you if you will not let them in.”
An Essential Oil that we have high-lighted earlier and offers strength to self confidence and motivation is, Basil. What we need in the face of doubt is Courage! So renew your mind and support your over all health with essential oils like Basil.
We want to hear from you today! Tell us how you have over come doubt in your life!