Trust Your Gut

Hello everyone!

This week we’ll be doing a series on gut health. What does “gut health” mean, you ask? Simply put, your “gut” is your digestive system – where you put the food that fuels your body. We believe that everything you ingest has an enormous impact on your health, and that the health of your insides translates to your health outside, for better or worse.


I just finished reading this book, Brain Makers, by Dr. David Perlmutter.  This book is so straightforward about how gut health affects emotional health. It is written with a lot of research but is very easy to read.

The book encourages readers to include probiotics like plain active yogurt (another product I make!), kombucha and naturally home-fermented foods in the diet to encourage optimal gut health. These foods help strengthen good bacteria in the digestive tract so that they can fight the harmful stuff! We will be talking more about this as the week goes on.

Have you ever read this book? Have you ever tried probiotics? Tell us about it!