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Are you interested in learning more about aromatherapy while spending some time with your favorite people? Get some friends together and sign up for one of our Intro to Aromatherapy classes!

Often we see people hesitant to sign up for an Honest Aromas class. They’ve been to some big-name, multi-level-networking essential oil “class” before, only to come away disappointed because it was really just a heavy sales pitch. They ask us, “Is your thing really a class, or are you just trying to sell something?”

I assure them that this is a class that they will definitely learn a lot from. Our classes aren’t just dry and academic; they’re hands-on and, if we say so, pretty fun! Each one of our students has been overjoyed after a two hour session.

In our classes, you will get a brief history of aromatherapy. You will also gain understanding in the chemical makeup of essential oils, as well as their safe use. Then you will put your knowledge to the test, creating your own blends with a certified aromatherapist (yours truly) on hand to answer any questions!

Our Intro to Aromatherapy class leaves students feeling like they’ve learned important information, no matter what level of aromatherapy knowledge they had before. The feedback has been amazing.

Sessions range from $30-$40 per person depending on the goal. We can also custom design a class for your needs.

If you would like A Certified Aromatherapist to Present at your event, Julia would be happy to do that for you! The price is $250 for 2 hours. This includes the fascinating history of Aromatherapy, learning how to distinguish reputable oils, learning how to blend with safe dilution rates, and interactive demonstrations. Customized packages are available and make-and-takes can be added for an additional cost.

Book your class by sending us a line at! We want to hear from you today