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I started Honest Aromas as a way to make a living from what I love: holistic health. As someone who has studied health for over twenty years, herbs, essential oils, and nutrition have always interested me. My desire is to share my love for holistic health while encouraging others to pursue the best health possible! I earned my certification in Aromatherapy in the spring of 2015, and since then I’ve worked with my clients to create essential oil blends that meet each person’s individual needs. Since starting Honest Aromas, I have developed the love of blogging as well! I share a lot of who I am, the struggles I have, and the victories I have gained so that others on their journeys will feel encouraged and supported.


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My lovely daughter Hannah is our site editor and social media consultant, making sure all our content is organized and pretty! This company was started and launched with an amazing amount of time and talent on her part. She lives with her husband Alex and is currently working on her master of fine arts in Creative Writing. Find more of her work on her own blog!



Our young-mom-office-manager-wonder! She can do pretty much anything Honest Aromas needs to have done, and she loves learning about essential oils and blends in the process! Her son Donovan and daughter Lydia keep us on our toes when they are in the office! Kathryn and her husband Preston, are highly regarded music leaders in our community<3



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