Uplifting Peace

Who doesn’t need, uplifting peace, these days? Anxiety proves to be a growing epidemic in our world causing ill health, among all age groups and genders, in a multitude of ways.

I have recently created a new product called, Uplifting Peace. One of the facilities I work through is called, Peaces For You-Therapeutic Massage Spa. I created this fragrance with the owner, Kammi Stiller, and her clients, in mind.

For this particular blend, I started with a substantial oil….Neroli. According to Eden’s Gardens, Neroli was named in 1680 when the princess of Nerole perfumed her gloves, stationery, shawls, and bathwater with the scent. For centuries, Neroli has been added to cosmetic preparations, colognes, and perfumes. Today it is one of the ingredients in Eau de Cologne, a classic cologne.

Neroli is pricey, but worth it. It is derived from the flowers of the bitter orange plant. It has a sweet and bitter orange aroma. One drop of Neroli is all that is needed to permeate a blend or fill a room with it’s exotic, calming fragrance.

Once I chose Neroli as my base essential oil, I then added the essential oil, sweet orange. Sweet orange softens the bitter aroma of Neroli without overshadowing it. Sweet orange also adds the “uplifting” chemical element of the peace blend. I then blended these together in fractionated, odorless, coconut oil to deliver optimum aroma and quick absorption.

Neroli is known for helping stabilize high blood pressure, inducing sleep, quelling indigestion, treating anxiety, headaches and even colds.

If you love citrus aromas and wish to have, Uplifting Peace, this is the blend for you! Please contact me with any inquiries you have about Neroli, or finding ways to insert Aromatherapy into your life! I would love to hear from you today:)

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