There Was A Traveler


There was a traveler who at first saw nothing of the light that was shining in the wood

After a while the thought moved softly-“I am with you all the days and all the day long”.

But just as a flower never presses it’s sweetness upon anyone but freely gives to him who desires it, and to him as often as he will,

So that thought of peace did not force itself upon the traveler,

and yet it did offer to his lips a cup of healing.

And then, but how it came to be so has never yet been told,

the gloom of the darkness was gone,

the light in the wood shone forth,

and the glory thereof.                                                                                       – Amy Carmichael


7 thoughts on “There Was A Traveler

  1. I love Amy Carmichael! Her life serving Christ in India was amazing. She had such deep love for abused girls and women and did much to rescue them. She was a courageous woman who was sold out for Christ. (You probably already know all of this.) Her biography is an inspiring read. Grace to you, Julia. Thank you so much for sharing!


    1. Thank you, Wen! I did not know all of those things about Amy, but that must be why I love her! I have read a few of her books and she is in a daily devotional of deep Christian thinkers that I read in the morning. I recently found out that she had an accident and that is when she started all of her writing, wow! How God uses everything for His purpose! I need to find out more about the heart for broken females, that is my heart as well. Thank you again for your feedback, I appreciate it very much.


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