bookIn a fast paced world so full of every one’s personal goals, it is nice to see some old fashioned benevolence! My benevolent side has recently started emerging again coinciding with questions I ask my self about what is truly important in life. I took time off, right or wrong, from caring about any one else but my self. There were some really good, right and needful reasons I did that. At the same time, that demanding selfish imp ran a muck, and I found my self preparing for disaster!

One of my best friends recently moved away. Some one who made her self available to me for months on end when I needed support and encouragement. I reached out to help her pack and made meals for her family and helped on moving day….that felt like part of my self that was good.

Another friend of mine has been under such “Job like” distress, her body seemingly attacking itself. I, like she has to me so many times, make my self available to listen, to pray, to clean, to watch her two year old and to massage her aching body….that is a part of myself I like.

Yet another friend has recently moved out of her house to move in with her aging parents. Her father recently had a leg amputated and her mother has Alzheimer’s. She not only had to pack her house up, but pack a great deal of her parents house up before they came home from the rehab facility and before her and her husband could move in. Now she is still sorting through things while being the primary caregiver to two very needy people. I went to help sort, and pack (not very much)- mostly affirm all of her feelings of getting rid of things that belong to her living mother who will never use her once beloved things again….that is a part of myself I can share.

There are a lot of books, blogs and articles written about “paying it forward” and there is truth in it. But some thing the Savior whispered in my ear in the midst of my wandering was; “Whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it. For what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and looses his soul.”  Matthew 16:26  Hummmm….

As I am being re built, I feel the really good working parts coming back again, better than ever and with non manufactured giving! I also see a new set of boundaries in place. I can only do what I can do for others, I don’t have to fix it, and I am not the end all! I can “leave”, and that is a giant leap for Julia:-)

As we go in to the weekend, lets think Benevolence. It makes you have to slow down and be more purposed in the moment. It lowers your blood pressure, actually lowers stress and it makes others feel good too…win/win!! Have a great weekend<3








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