Who Gets Over a Love Like This?

20170115_120032 (1)Photo by Gabrielle Allman


I’ve been vulnerable.

I’ve entered temptation.

I’ve been caught in an iron snare.

I’ve been tormented and been refused.

I’ve been naked.

I’ve taken bullets and I’ve been rejected.

And there was a Man who stepped in.

My intimate Lover,

The One who I ran away from.

He has taken my guilt and shame.

He has stood in between me and the pointing fingers.

He knew what I was caught in and had compassion.

He told me all of my brokenness and all of my shame,

My guilt and my lack,

Is being  made into something beautiful and abundant.

…I am starting to believe Him.

Who gets over a love like this?


(thoughts collected after reading Ann Voskamp’s book; The Broken Way.)




bookIn a fast paced world so full of every one’s personal goals, it is nice to see some old fashioned benevolence! My benevolent side has recently started emerging again coinciding with questions I ask my self about what is truly important in life. I took time off, right or wrong, from caring about any one else but my self. There were some really good, right and needful reasons I did that. At the same time, that demanding selfish imp ran a muck, and I found my self preparing for disaster!

One of my best friends recently moved away. Some one who made her self available to me for months on end when I needed support and encouragement. I reached out to help her pack and made meals for her family and helped on moving day….that felt like part of my self that was good.

Another friend of mine has been under such “Job like” distress, her body seemingly attacking itself. I, like she has to me so many times, make my self available to listen, to pray, to clean, to watch her two year old and to massage her aching body….that is a part of myself I like.

Yet another friend has recently moved out of her house to move in with her aging parents. Her father recently had a leg amputated and her mother has Alzheimer’s. She not only had to pack her house up, but pack a great deal of her parents house up before they came home from the rehab facility and before her and her husband could move in. Now she is still sorting through things while being the primary caregiver to two very needy people. I went to help sort, and pack (not very much)- mostly affirm all of her feelings of getting rid of things that belong to her living mother who will never use her once beloved things again….that is a part of myself I can share.

There are a lot of books, blogs and articles written about “paying it forward” and there is truth in it. But some thing the Savior whispered in my ear in the midst of my wandering was; “Whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it. For what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and looses his soul.”  Matthew 16:26  Hummmm….

As I am being re built, I feel the really good working parts coming back again, better than ever and with non manufactured giving! I also see a new set of boundaries in place. I can only do what I can do for others, I don’t have to fix it, and I am not the end all! I can “leave”, and that is a giant leap for Julia:-)

As we go in to the weekend, lets think Benevolence. It makes you have to slow down and be more purposed in the moment. It lowers your blood pressure, actually lowers stress and it makes others feel good too…win/win!! Have a great weekend<3








Think About These Things….

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.
Starting a new week, so many things to do, so many things to take care of, so many things that can go wrong- where do we start?
Ancient wisdom says to Think about True, Noble, Right, Pure, Lovely, Admirable things above all things. Not easy to do when bad news or situations are glaring at us, but we have to make a choice to strengthen our minds and choose truth, rising above apparent appearances.
On an Aromatherapy note, Sweet Marjoram is can be a great companion to take with you on days you may need a little calming and refocus.Do some inhalations through day as you meditate on true things! Here are some facts according to Organic Facts;
Sedative: marjoram oil induces a calming, relaxing and sedative effect on both the mind and body while relieving nervous stress and anxiety. It also generates a happy feeling in cases of anger or sadness. This property can be helpful to pacify people who suffered some sort of shock, trauma, or major setback in life.
Have a great beginning of your week thinking on great things! We are right here walking the journey with you and would love to hear from you!

Soul Drink Deeply

streams_brooks_water_moss_leavesSoul drink deeply from the water of life

From the throne of God, Rivers of Water

Jesus Your the Greatest Need of my soul

The only thing that deeply satisfies.


This is a chorus from a song I wrote a few months ago. Hopefully in the very near future I will have the recorded music linked to my blog- a lot more of me can be understood in the music and melody I write than from words alone.

I have kept my self  busy with activities, I have “run” so I do not have to deal with the hard things of life, I have sought satisfaction through other people…and it has all left me wanting. But when I spend time with The Son, He speaks to me with a sharp sword that pierces the thoughts and intents of my heart and puts it at peace. Today I had to take most of the day to get to that peace, but He spoke and the anxieties, confusion and doubt instantly left when He did.

I think that truth is it for today!! He is the only thing that can satisfy<3

Some Through The Waters



The Red Sea was before them and the mountains were to the side, an army with the finest weaponry behind, purposed to destroy the multitude in front of them and there was no where to go except up!

Have you every been there? I have many times and even now, I am still there. I am thankful for it though. I have been foolish many times before trying to find relief horizontally, I have taken what I thought was an easier way only to find out I was miles away from the path. When I start feeling that pressure, I look up! “God, what do you want me to do? You are the only One who can meet my needs and desires and has my best interest in mind. I do not know how to walk on water, and I can not swim in these roaring waves, what is the way  you want to lead me through that I am unable to see with my human eyes?”

I wouldn’t change any thing I have ever learned from these times. They are precious, they are a gift from Him to mold and conform me into His image.

Helichrysum is the perfect Essential Oil companion for times like these! Healing to trauma inside and outside of the body, emotionally balancing, great for cuts and wounds. If you are really “living” in this life, you are bound to get a few of those!! I am right here with you walking the road  (or water;-)less traveled ❤

God Leads His Dear Children Along/ Travis Cotrell