I’m Giving it Up!


Several weeks ago, I told you that I was dealing with some anemia issues. My doctor told me he was going to put me on a diet that I wasn’t going to like!! So, I consulted with a friend who went to this same doctor and she gave me the news….No Coffee!!:-(

Coffee has been my friend for a long time!! I started drinking it when I was 12 to get my self going in the morning for school! I am a singer and in the “old days”, I sang late at night into the early morning hours and coffee (or caffeine pills) were my go to.

Later in life when I was married,  I had had a few miscarriages and I felt very lead of the Lord not to drink coffee. I said “God, if this is you, YOU will have to give me the grace to give up this vice.” I felt that I did have amazing strength not to give into my favorite indulgence and 9 months later, I gave birth to a beautiful, tiny girl<3

A similar thing happened recently. As I said, I had consulted a friend who told me coffee was not on this diet, and I said; “God, please give me the grace to give this up if it is harming me.” He has, and although I have had a couple sips here and there the last 3 weeks while going through detox, I am definitely making a new habit!!

I am not saying coffee is bad, There are some definite health benefits of coffee as well as tea. But it isn’t some thing that is benefiting me right now and I am sure there are some of you out there who know that’s true for you as well.

I have switched over to an array of herbal teas and I drink more Kombucha too. I definitely do not have the lows in the afternoon that I used to have and I feel more emotionally balanced….that definitely makes it easier to keep going.

So, that’s where I am on my journey right now, any one out there on the same journey? I am right here walking it with you:-)


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