We Have Some New Products Coming…


It is a very exciting time at Honest Aromas! We have been testing some new products and will be sharing them with you soon!!! Last year we scaled down our inventory to carry our customer’s very favorite picks! We are going to continue with that theme and make one of our custom products available for everyone!! We are also going to start carrying a few more accessories!!

So stay tuned and watch for the changes!! We are right here with you, learning and growing in our health goals. We want to hear from you today!!

Honest Aromas Now Supports A21 Campaign!!


Yesterday, Honest Aromas decided on an amazing idea! What if we could take some of the revenue that comes in and really make a difference in the world? We decided that A21 campaign meets all of the criteria that we wholeheartedly support!

Every day, hundreds of women get abducted and sold into human sex slavery. Did you know that? Currently 99% of the women never escape and the most deviant acts that we should not even be able to humanly comprehend, occur.

A21 is dedicated to eradicating this travesty in the 21st Century, hence the name. They cannot do it with out support- it is a world wide, God sized problem, even happening close to home. A suburb of Nashville, TN recently broke a ring and there was a sting outside of Akron, OH! It is real, it is happening, and it is the fastest growing crime in the world!

We encourage YOU to donate to this amazing organization. But we want you all to know, that a percentage of what Honest Aromas earns every month is going directly to this organization, so YOU are also supporting it when you purchase our products!

The repair and therapy that these women have to receive when they are found is extensive and expensive. If it were not for selfless physicians, therapists and donations, they would probably not be able to recover. Many many women before being found, took their own lives. Isn’t it so exciting and amazing to think WE CAN HELP?

Here is Katja’s Story that I have linked so you can get an idea of the bigger picture. Let us turn for good what evil means for harm and fight a good fight together<3

Essential Oils and Autism

Honest Aromas


Today we look back to a post we wrote last year, about our family’s journey with special needs, and how aromatherapy has factored into it! We hope you enjoy this throwback look at Peppermint Oil.

This week we’ve been talking about our personal story of having a son who is autistic. Today I want to highlight some ways that essential oils can help people who struggle with autism and spe…

Source: Essential Oils and Autism

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You are my sunshine!

Honest Aromas

You make me happy when skies are grey, you’ll never know dear how much I love you, please don’t take my sunshine away! I recently sang this with my daughter and a good friend in 3 part harmony…one of my favorite things to do that bring me joy:-)img_20160721_080728

Have you ever struggled with depression? I have. I know a lot of people who do as well. Right now we are all dealing with summer winding down and looking toward the start of a new school season.

For us who live in Northern states, and who deal with depression, we can already start thinking about the long winter that is ahead…..noooooooooooooo!!!

My daughter and I were discussing this in light of relationships this weekend. We have people in our lives who are quite auroral– they are like the dawn, a bright spot in our lives, we look forward to them.

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Warming Ginger…


During cold temperatures and nausea that often accompanies bugs, Ginger is the perfect go to! Zingiber officinale, is known for it’s warming, spicy and dynamic qualities. It is great for any problem that does not deal well with external moisture- like, diarrhea, excess mucus, rheumatism or that “damp, can’t get warm” feeling.

It is and analgesic, anti- inflammatory, anti -bacterial, antispasmodic, expectorant, and can assist in relieving gas and warming the area by increasing blood flow. Though it is non toxic it can be sensitive on skin, so use in low dilutions.

Of course you can always use the original root as well, putting a few slices in your tea or alone in hot water to sip! I like to add  ginger root to my morning smoothies for it’s anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties!

Have you ever tried Ginger Essential Oil?  We are right here with you on your health journey and we want to hear from you today! Stay warm and have a great weekend:-)