If We Are Working The Process,


I have been working at an agency that helps families. During a meeting in which my co-worker and I were having a hard time deciding what course of action we should take, my boss said; “If we are working the Process, we shouldn’t be confused!” Quite right!! We had not been following the order of things and we were confused about where we were and were we should head. Go back to the process!

What things in your life are confusing right now? Confusion can bring such anxiety and stress into our lives. If you find your self in this position right now, ask….”when did I start feeling confused or over whelmed?” That might help put you back to the beginning to a diversion of a road which you possibly should not be on. Ask yourself; “Who can I completely count on?” “What things do I do that keep me focused and headed in the right direction?”

These are some of the questions I ask my self when I feel lost and confused. I know the things that are not beneficial to me as well. Behaviors that do not ¬†ultimately and completely benefit me or respect my person or take my family off course cannot be entertained. Certain things can be a temptation to me when I am tired, or hungry or wore out, but “the easy road” does not stay easy. It leads to way more work in the long run and usually some kind of repair….not worth it!

Keep your eyes looking straight ahead and forget what is behind! Today is a new day, and it’s the beginning of a new week of opportunity and new journeys! Stay the course, we are right here walking along with you!


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