Mid-Week Work Out!


The snow has been falling here, the days are shorter and I can tell already that my Vitamin D levels are dropping! I am loosing some energy, getting a little blue and having a hard time with motivation. So, should I cozy back in bed pull the covers over my head…NO!!!

It’s time to hit the mat and get some happy hormones flowing!! I have a great 25 minute work out for your here from Yoga with Adriene! It isn’t too harsh, but definitely will make your break a sweat and get your day started. You will feel like you accomplished something and it will help you have a positive outlook on the things you need to conquer today!

Speaking of “conquering” the day, my son (as pictured with my husband), is currently in boot camp for the Navy! We are so proud of him and what he has conquered to get where he is. He mentally and physically prepared for this trip by working out everyday, running and working double shifts/ night shifts/early morning shifts to prepare him for the rigorous schedule he was going to face for 8 weeks. He was “transformed” before our eyes!! His attitude, his physique….completely challenged and changed for the best.

He is and inspiration to me and I hope to you as well! Keep going! No matter where you are on your health journey, push yourself onto greatness today!! We are right here with you<3

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