Are you making any?? It’s always a good thing to take inventory of yourself and see what you find. I encourage you to take a little time to do that this weekend, as I will too. I pray that this year finds you closer to the person you were created to be! God Bless you with a safe, happy and healthy New Year and Thank you for your support and encouragement to us this year<3


We have highlighted this fantastic oil a few times. It, like Myrrh, has a very rich history also found in the original Christmas story. I have attached the link from our friends at Pompeii Organics-check out all of the amazing benefits of this oil.

We are right here with you making good health choices, we would like to hear from you today:-)

The Journey With Vigor!

20161227_204833Good Morning!! I just thought i would “sit down and have a chat with you face to face” this morning, that is my favorite kind of conversation:-)

I went to the doctor today, and you wouldn’t know it, but I am extremely anemic. It has been some thing I have been dealing with for many years. Scary suggestions have been presented to me, both of which I will not choose. 1. Get an iron transfusion, which is extremely risky, 2. Get a blood transfusion, which is a little less risky, but risky non-the -less! I choose 3. Seek out another opinion through a Holistic Doc. who has helped some one I know deal with their anemia. I would appreciate your prayers on my journey.

So, if you know any thing about anemia, you know that energy is non existent….so why would I name this “A Journey with Vigor”? Because, I have been on an interesting journey the last few years and although I have had times of wanting to give up, I refuse to let shortcomings hold me back! I Choose to be victorious in the plans God has for my life and I choose to live a pure life with Vigor! I choose it, like I choose to love even when I don’t feel it, I choose to change, I choose to set my mind on things above. I pray that all of these choices are wrapped in a beautiful, fragrant package of gentleness!

In studying God (and aromatherapy!), I have crossed paths with such interesting people! One person is Dr. Henry Cloud (in his book form;-) and he make an acute observation about God. That if we could cultivate these 4 things of God’s personality, we would greatly improve our day to day functioning. They are;

  1. Bond with others.
  2. Separate from others.
  3. Sort out issues of good and bad.
  4. Take charge as an adult.

He goes on to say that “without the ability to perform these basic God-like functions, we can literally remain stuck for years and growth and change can elude our grasp.”

I would have to say, these are the very issues I have been learning about and growing in; up close and personal, over the last few years! It hasn’t been easy, or pretty and smooth, but I believe it is right where I am supposed to be. I invite you on it with me!!

Speaking of Journeys, reminds me of Carrier Oils!! We use a carrier oil in Aromatherapy to dilute the essential oil before it is applied,but Carrier Oils also have their own therapeutic benefits that deliver that essential oil in it’s desired application. One of my favorite carriers, and one that Honest Aromas is going to start “carrying” (haha;-) Is Trauma Oil! I make custom blends for a handful of customers now with this superb blend of oils, helpful in it’s own right./ helps with nerve pain and inflammation and when paired with anti-inflammatory or warming oils stops pain in it’s tracks.Click on the links I have included in this blog to learn more.

I am right here with you on your journey cheering you on! I am learning, growing and changing too! Let’s be better people, with Vigor, in every way in 2017!!





forgivenessDr. Jesse Gill says; “Forgiveness is the substance of very strong people.”….Wow! That catches my attention because, I desire to be a strong person in a vulnerable kind of way. Now, I do not always want to forgive quickly, but I know that I must forgive to have freedom for my self and to have relationship with others.

In his relationship book, Face to Face, Dr. Jesse Gill offers some other helpful insights regarding forgiveness and intimacy in relationships. “God is so invested in having your spouse know His love that He wants to strengthen you in the toughest moments to be His arms of embrace stretched out to your spouse. There is no clearer illustration of this than the moments we do not feel like showing love.” Isn’t that true? That is so true in every relationship and those statements really encourage me to express that. Now, we cannot always control how others will or will not respond to that “stretching out”, but as far as it depends on us, we can be that to others.

Ultimately, we must “put on love” as Paul says in Colossians 3:14 which is ”
the bond of perfection.” We must put on love and forgive quickly and often-It is an active thing to do.

I often wonder if my readers wonder why I talk about relationships so much when this is an aromatherapy blog?! Well, it is also a Holistic Health blog, and our heart and attitude have more to do with health than what we put on or inside our body. But just in case you are curious about some new Essential Oils and Aromatherapy, I will make sure to highlight some this week! Have a great week enjoying what ever schedule you find your self in, and be active and forgive!!

We are right here with you and we want to hear from you today:-)



A Life That Matters…..


(Photo, Gabrielle Allman)

As I said in an earlier blog, Christmas time, although promoted as a warm, cozy, relational time, can be a time of anxiety and loneliness for many.

Those feelings beg me to ask, is my life a life that matters? If I do not feel what I am doing matters, I do not feel that my life matters. My friend, Lyndell Hetrick Holtz, wrote about this on her Heart Mender’s Blog-  I Too Want a Life that Matterscheck it out! She has a very  concise  way of facing life’s hard things. She  often says; “Face it, Feel it, Free it”!

I gain great comfort in that when I consider the only way to any healing is to face the issue or failure head on. We tend to avoid  hard things because we think it is easier to do so. We do it in little ways or it can become Excessive Avoidance Disorder– and our culture is heaped in it. We avoid doing hard things, keeping commitments, and putting the work in first and it is destructive.

If we want to have holistic health, it is going to take more than swallowing a vitamin every now and then. It is going to take facing our dilemma,  whether we caused it or some one else did. Feel the pain of it, express it out loud, or write down your thoughts in a journal. And then open your hands and release it. I will stand where ever I am, lift my hands to God and tell Him all of my concerns. I will tell Him, I have no power over this, only the power to release it to you. And then I will say, I trust you are working all these things for good in my life and I release this to you. It is weighing me down, I feel insignificant, I feel like I am not seeing any benefit to getting up and doing what is right every day. Many times I will write that down and put it on my cupboard, to remind my self that it is not my burden.

To live a life that matters, we need to be different than the masses. Routines are awesome. Habits will work for our good or our detriment! If I get up every morning and pray and exercise, that is going to lead me to a different destination than having a cigarette with my coffee and do nut!! (You may chuckle, but this was my early life!!) Holistic health will effect all of your life and the little things you change will have an everlasting impact! If a plane takes off and it is even a little bit off it’s course, in the end of that trajectory, it is not going to land at it’s destination!

If you are sad, lonely and really struggling today, please consider what I have said. I want to help you with the help I have received. Check out Lyndell’s blog and other encouraging people like Rick Warren and Dr. John Townsend. You do not have to stay where you are! How do you want to have a life that matters? What do you want your destination to be?

We are right here with you cheering you on!! Head into the weekend, with a renewed sense of your life mattering. Lay aside the pressure from culture and  glean the true meaning of Christmas in the Gospels of, Matthew, Mark, Luke or John! We want to hear from you today:-)

Frankincense and Myrrh

Yesterday in my blog, I touched on anxiety during Christmas time. Frankincense is an excellent oil for supporting emotional healing on all levels and quieting the mind….it was also one of the gifts given to Jesus by the Magi:-)
I am offering Frankincense this week for only $20 ($8 off!!) If you contact us by Friday:-)

Honest Aromas

Hello everyone!

myrrh-2__largeWe hope you are having a great start to your week. Today we want to share one of our most popular oils: frankincense! This essential oil is super helpful, which explains why it’s been popular for thousands of years! Read on as we revisit this amazing oil, perfect for skin issues and the flu!

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As always, contact us for more information, or to order your very own supply of frankincense!

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