Book a Christmas Party!!


I was at a festival this weekend, and some one was asking me about my peppermint. They had Just purchased peppermint a couple tables down from me and they were asking me why mine was a bit more expensive. I was explaining the way  you can assure yourself that you truly are purchasing a pure product by looking for the Latin binomial  under the name of the essential oil, and by purchasing from a certified organic source. There are other ways of course, but those are a few. They had no idea what they had just purchased, there was really no way to be sure it was 100% pure essential oil except that it smelled like peppermint!! They said they wished they had been to my table first! This customer was very interested in hosting a Christmas party so she could learn more about Essential Oil Safety and the like.

I am happy to teach what I know about Essential Oils and encourage you to use them safely! Book your party today, learn more about Essential Oils and receive 30% off as a host:-)

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