Here’s my Life….

We posted this about a year ago….it is mostly about change. Hope you are changing and growing and having a great journey:-)

Honest Aromas


Each day I find

Miracles in my life

Gifts so great

They could only be yours

Friends in time

Changes kind

Strength from your loving hand

I’m on my way

Bearing the new man

Lord, Here’s my life- Heal my heart- Heal my soul

Lord, Here’s my life- as I seek you – make me whole

Here’s my life- O Lord, make me whole

I wrote this song years ago when i was going through a great change in my life. My eyes were opened and I had newness of life. The change was good and kind.

But, changes are not always seen as kind. Change can be excruciatingly painful….. but if we do not surrender under the stress of the change, we will miss the benefits that change was designed to offer.

I am learning how to play the guitar while I am starting this business. I learned how…

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Faith and Aromatherapy

Here at Honest Aromas, we like to think we offer a unique look at aromatherapy. Because we’re a business run by Christians, we believe that God’s wisdom and grace are the basis of all good things.

Because of this, we believe that we provide an interesting perspective on a good thing (aromatherapy) that doesn’t always get to be looked at from a Christian lens. While aromatherapists of all faiths and convictions are immensely helpful, intelligent, and intuitive, we are thankful for the opportunity to explore holistic health from this relitively unusual perspective.

moms cover photo

To us, aromatherapy is just another piece of evidence that “through everything God made, [people] can clearly see his invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature” (Romans 1:20 NLT). We believe that all creation reflects God, and there are few aspects of nature that so poignantly illustrate this as aromatherapy!

Aromatherapy, far from being a pseudoscientific study, is quite literally “plant-medicine.” Very powerful essential oils condense the medicinal qualities of plants—which God made and which people have been using for thousands of years—so that we can grow in better health in well-being! The fact that God created plants with this ability is mind-blowing: it testifies to his love and desire for healing!

We could talk all day about the spiritual parallels we draw between Christianity and aromatherapy, so don’t hesitate to ask us any questions! We love sharing as much as we can about this fascinating study.

Have a healthy week!


We posted this just a few weeks ago, but wanted to share it again to start off a new week! Enjoy<3

Honest Aromas

13549461_1109624322412797_611152811_nWhen I open my eyes in the morning Is a beautiful meditation that I often focus on in the morning. Check out The Christian Meditator on YouTube. Focus your attention on being thankful this morning, for this day and for the rest of the weekend.

I hope it blesses you and makes you aware of who you are and what God’s plans are for you.

Honest Aromas makes a wonderful meditation blend with the Ancient Oils of Frankincense and Myrrh. Put a drop of each in your hands and inhale deeply for healing of all kinds, vitality, and all over immune system strengthening.


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Into the Woods!


This made -to -order  Northwest Pennsylvania Hand Soap and Lotion set is perfect for fall and the Holidays! It smells like the Allegheny National Forest nestled in a cabin!! We added a rustic log soap holder for charm. We also sell this set in the mini version:-)

Made with 100% organic essential oils, these are not only luxurious, but  they are filled with natural anti-viral’s and anti-bacterial’s to ward off the sickness’ of the season and boost your immune system!

You can pick this up Saturday in Franklin at The Franklin 10-4 and Sunday in Foxburg during their festival, 11-4!

Come and say hi to us when you are out and about!

Bottle and Clay Diffusing Necklaces…..

What a better way to wear your favorite Essential Oil than to have it wafting from a neckalce! Our Clay Necklaces are unglazed on the back side to absorb and warm up your favorite oil. Handmade by Local Artisan Kim Carvin…these are all one of a kind!

The Bottle Necklaces are adorable and an inexpensive way to wear your favorite oil, or try a new one! They diffuse through the cork!

Come and see us at Applefest in The Franklin Friday 10-4

and Foxburg 11-4



The air is crisp and  vendors creative juices are flowing! Autumn is full of festivities and small towns are a bustle with artisan booths.

We have many decorative aromatherapy bundles for the upcoming festivals and holidays. Our Clear, Healthy Face is paired with our Carrot Seed Facial for healthy glowing skin!

We also have our seasonal Allegheny Woods Hand Soap and Lotion looking and smelling as festive as ever!! These are just a few of the specialized products we make right here in North West PA! Come out and say Hi! We want to hear from you today!

Franklin’s Applefest Friday and Saturday at The Franklin 10-4

Foxburg Fall Art Wine and Food Festival Sunday 11-4