Break the Cycle!

Here is a post from several months ago, we hope it inspires you to Keep Going on your journey!

Honest Aromas

20160207_222308.jpgOver the last several weeks I have been hearing a re occurring theme…..break the cycle!

Whether it has pertained to my own negative thoughts or relational cycles, my son’s ADHD patterns, or other cooperate negative cycles, in church or work etc. ….breaking old cycles is the only way to foster change and allow us to keep going in a positive direction.

Here is a very helpful activity I did recently, I want to share it with you.  Write down 3 recent personal situations that really got your attention. For each situation, write down all of the emotions that you experienced for each one. (frustration, loneliness, jealousy, etc.)Then write down the ways you acted or responded in each one.(Snapped at your children, dog or cat;-) depression, shopping spree, etc.) Compare the lists, and take notice to any commonalities between them. Same emotions? Similar reactions? Even the situations…did they have any common…

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