Here’s my Life….

We posted this about a year ago….it is mostly about change. Hope you are changing and growing and having a great journey:-)

Honest Aromas


Each day I find

Miracles in my life

Gifts so great

They could only be yours

Friends in time

Changes kind

Strength from your loving hand

I’m on my way

Bearing the new man

Lord, Here’s my life- Heal my heart- Heal my soul

Lord, Here’s my life- as I seek you – make me whole

Here’s my life- O Lord, make me whole

I wrote this song years ago when i was going through a great change in my life. My eyes were opened and I had newness of life. The change was good and kind.

But, changes are not always seen as kind. Change can be excruciatingly painful….. but if we do not surrender under the stress of the change, we will miss the benefits that change was designed to offer.

I am learning how to play the guitar while I am starting this business. I learned how…

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