Sleep Tight!

Hello all! We hope you are staying cool while summer makes its final, sweltering appearance!

Today we’re sharing an oil that’s an old favorite, although it’s recently become a new favorite. Enter Roman Chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile)!


We’ve covered Roman chamomile on the blog before, and we’ve always loved it’s soothing properties. But in the past year we’ve grown to love it even more! It’s amazing if you experience insomnia. Many of our customers get it in an inhaler so they can easily use it before bed time or any other time they need to calm down. While lavender (angustifolia) is often touted as the essential oil to use for sleep, Roman chamomile is as good, if not better, at calming the mind and sedating the body. It also does not have as strong a scent as lavender, which appeals to many people. I once almost fell asleep in a meeting just by using some chamomile lotion!

If you’re interested in trying some Roman chamomile, give us a call! While the price of a bottle of chamomile essential oil is a great value, there can be a little sticker shock. However, we can blend some in lotion, put it in a smaller bottle, or make up an inhaler if you don’t want to commit to a whole bottle. It doesn’t take much oil to make a difference, and we know you’ll love all the ways Roman chamomile can boost your health and well being!

What can we make for you today?

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