Testimonials: Jane’s Story

Hello everyone!

In the past week we’ve been sharing some client testimonies. We want to continue that today with the story of one of our Farmer’s Market clients: “Jane”.

bottleJane comes to the Farmer’s Market every week and orders a little bottle necklace of a bergamot and clary sage blend. She finds it extremely useful for anxiety.

One day at home Jane used an older bottle of lemongrass essential oil, one she had gotten long ago from another seller. The oil seriously irritated her skin and caused a bad reaction! Due to the good professional relationship we’d gotten to form with Jane, she felt comfortable coming to us and looking into what may have caused the problem.

I was able to tell Jane a little about essential oil safety—Lemongrass, as we’ve written before, can be very irritating to the skin. It can also go bad over time, something that many essential oil companies don’t tell you! Because she’d had such a bad reaction, I advised Jane to avoid lemongrass for a while, to let the body recover and build up strength again. Your immune system can have an allergic-type reaction to essential oils if the quality is not good or if they are used improperly.

Jane is a loyal customer, one we’re happy to get to know. She loves coming to us with her essential oil questions. She says she trusts our knowledge and has learned a lot about the power of essential oils, power which can be harmful and helpful!

Are you interested in learning more about Honest Aromas and aromatherapy? Contact us! We’d love to get to help you today!

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