Testimonials: Amy’s Story

Hello everyone!

20160507_102743We hope you’ve been having a great week and are excited for the weekend!

Today we wanted to share another testimonial, from our friend and customer, Amy.We met Amy through the farmer’s market. One day she came over to our booth suffering from an intense migraine. I was able to mix together a blend in an inhaler on the spot, and within twenty minutes, her headache was gone! This blend actually became our proprietary Migraine Inhaler, which we’ve marketed to other customers with great success.

Now Amy uses that same blend everywhere she goes. She has inhalers for her purse, car, and at work. She’s found it helpful for alertness in the morning, as well as for managing anxiety. This just goes to show that essential oils can have many uses beyond what they’re popularly known for!

We’ve loved getting to know and help Amy, and we’d love to do the same for you! How can we help you today?

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