We all have them. Those incessant nags about all of our decisions. Doubting is negative, it is  not helpful or healthy to be a doubter. It provides nothing positive in our life.  According to “The Feeling Wheel” developed by Dr. Gloria Wilcox, being skeptical has it’s root in the emotion of being mad.

If I am considering holistic health, I examine how this habit can affect my over all health. I have been challenged by what I have been reading lately.Hannah Whitall Smith wrote this in 1875 concerning doubts;  Do not stop to argue out the matter with yourself or with your doubts. Pay no attention to them what ever, but treat them with the utmost contempt. Shut your door in their very face and emphatically deny every word they say to you.  She wrote a whole chapter on the matter in her book; The Christian’s Secret to a Happy Life. 

The Bible itself explicitly teaches not to doubt.

Jesus replied, “Truly I tell you, if you have faith and do not doubt, not only can you do what was done to the fig tree, but also you can say to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and it will be done.
I have been on a mission of renewing my mind for many years, but much more fervently the last several months. I have overcome an addiction by God’s grace and I see things much clearer than I ever have in my life. I realize that doubting has been an such a hindrance in my life- I never realized how much I participated in it.
I encourage you to take this challenge with me. Look doubt in the face and tell it to go back from where it came from! Like Hannah Whitall Smith said, “pay no attention to doubt what so ever. Then let the doubts clamor as they may, they cannot hurt you if you will not let them in.”
An Essential Oil that we have high-lighted earlier and offers strength to self confidence and motivation is, Basil. What we need in the face of doubt is Courage! So renew your mind and support your over all health with essential oils like Basil.
We want to hear from you today! Tell us how you have over come doubt in your life!




One thought on “Doubts

  1. Great post! So, for me, I have overcome a lot of doubt with doing the due diligence in the Word to specifically address my concerns. If I feel like I am off theologically, I go to the Word and I start pulling verses to support myself. to build my house on Rock. I need to be rooted in him, not my own thinking. Which is difficult to do!

    Just to play the other side for a moment, I heard a crazy theory once from my doctor. Ok, so my doctor is a really strong Christian too and when I get my annual physical we always spend more time talking about Jesus than my health lol. He has a crazy theory on doubt (I’m not sure if I agree 100%, but I think it’s very interesting) that doubt was actually placed in our minds by God as a motivator. The logic goes: why does Jesus not just appear and prove himself once and for all? John 20:29, blessed are those who believe and do not see. Jesus wants to be desired and pursued. He is gorgeous. Like he is ridiculously beautiful. Drop, dead gorgeous, lovely, amazing, wondrous. If anyone saw him, they would have to worship him because he is sooo perfect. But, that’s not exactly what God is after with us. He wants people who love him for himself, for his heart. He also wants people like himself. What’s the best way to get that? Make yourself invisible for the most part of history, Colossians 1:15, and send your Spirit into their hearts to be one with them and let them pursue you, and grow them up from children into the bride through walking in the world. Isaiah 45:15, he hides himself to be pursued. He wants to be wanted by us. The concept of doubt is the motivator. If we knew 100% without a shadow of a doubt that if we died today we would be in paradise with Jesus tomorrow, there would be mass suicides. People would say, what’s the point, if I jump off a bridge I can be home tomorrow. But they don’t, because of doubt. Doubt motivates people to diligently search Jesus’ Spirit out, in the Word and in their hearts. Of course Satan plays the other side of this in our hearts and douses gasoline on our doubts to draw us away from God.

    Anyways, I thought it was an interesting theory. God bless!


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