Testimonials: Rita

Hello all! We hope you are having a peaceful week as summer draws to a close.

Last week we mentioned we’ve been tuning the focus of Honest Aromas to bring it closer to what I originally envisioned when I started: a business that is service-based rather than being strictly product-based.

This is why we’re featuring a new page on the website: Testimonials, where we’ll share the stories of clients who’ve grown healthier and happier because we’ve had the chance to work with them. Getting to know and help people is what we’re here for!


Rita’s Story

An old friend, Rita, contacted me asking for a consultation. She had recently been diagnosed with some pre-cancerous skin cells, and right away she fell in love with our Clear and Healthy Face Skin Blend. She loved how it healed her skin, reduced damage, and was an overall more natural approach to the health of her skin.

Unfortunately, several months after her initial visit to us, Rita broke her ankle. She immediately sought us out for help once she started the healing process. Because we were able to do a one-on-one consultation, I could tweak an essential oil blend especially for her, using the higher-end essential oils and a Trauma Trio carrier to craft something perfect for her mending ankle.

Now we have an ongoing business relationship with Rita. She loves her personalized blend and reorders it regularly. It’s helped speed her healing process and soothe the pain, damage, and discomfort of a broken joint. She loves that aromatherapy doesn’t only help one specific area of the body, but rather supports its entirety. She regularly recommends our products and services to friends and coworkers.

Are you interested in a consultation like Rita? Are you dealing with a nagging health condition or a more acute issue? Contact us and make an appointment. We’d love to help you achieve the best health possible.

How can we help you today?

Aromatherapist vs. Aromatherapy

Hello friends!

Today we want to talk a little bit about the benefits of utilizing the skills of an aromatherapist versus simply using aromatherapy.


The difference might seem inconsequential; aromatherapy by nature is a do-it-yourself method of staying healthy. And it is! Which is one of our favorite things about it.

But did you know that the knowledge and resources of a certified aromatherapist can be even more helpful in empowering you to take charge of your health?

Yes, you can buy an essential oil that’s good for the nagging joint pain you’ve been dealing with, and yes, it can be immensely helpful. But only an aromatherapist knows the chemical intricacies of every essential oil, and whether the full properties of every oil are best for your specific needs. Essential oils have many uses beyond what they’re primarily “good for”!


We’ve talked about consultations on the blog before, and we’re currently working on modifying our business in order to focus Honest Aromas toward a more personalized model. Why? Because we believe a personal, one-on-one interaction with a certified aromatherapist is the best for your health. It’s what made me want to pursue aromatherapy in the first place! I love meeting with a client, learning about who they are, what they do, and what they need, and crafting a one of a kind essential oil blend that fits them. I’ve done this for many clients already, with amazing results!

As an aromatherapist, not only do I have the more specific knowledge about every essential oil that a specialized aromatherapy practice requires; I also have the resources to find the more rare, expensive essential oils and carriers that will be perfect for specific health concerns. The blends I can make are far from cookie-cutter health solutions!

Of course, you might not be interested in a full-blown health consultation, but I am always available for any questions you may have about aromatherapy, from the most basic to the more complicated. Give us a call or send us an email, or visit us on Facebook and Twitter to get fast, reliable information on the amazing world of aromatherapy. There is so much more to holistic health than meets the eye, and we love to be able to share it with you!

And don’t forget to stop by the Oil City Farmer’s Market from 9-4 today. Fall is fast approaching, which means our summertime Farmer’s Market days are coming to a close!

What question do you have for us today?


If you’ve ever had a mug of warm and spicy chai tea, you’ve literally had a taste of the plant from which we get today’s featured essential oil: cardamom (Elletaria cardamomum)!


According to Pompeii Organics, cardamom essential oil has a chemical makeup that makes it perfect for soothing sore or spastic muscles. It’s a warming oil (as you can tell from chai tea!) and it’s also great for digestion, reducing bloating and gas.

As for mental health, cardamom soothes the mind, helping you focus and keeping you from overthinking.

Cardamom works well with other warm oils, like orange and ginger. You can blend these for an effective digestive lotion.

Interested in trying Cardamom? Contact us! We can give an exclusive deal to our customers. Don’t forget to stop by the Oil City Farmer’s Market from 9-4 tomorrow! It won’t be long before the summer ends and we’ll have to pause the weekly markets until next year. Be sure to come visit us!

Only For You!

These days, it’s easy to get what you need. Products line the shelves of every grocery store, pharmacy, or mall. We have something for everything, and everything for something.

20160314_093122However, the fact that our society runs on mass-produced products means that while getting what you need is convenient (and usually cheap), it also means that you lose a personalized aspect to whatever you’re consuming. The clothes you wear, the cold medicine you take, and the items in your home are likely the same ones used by thousands of people.

Of course, sometimes this is just a necessary part of modern life. But it’s still nice to get a more personalized treatment every so often, which is why we love small businesses. The experience of getting to know and invest in the people in your community, while benefiting yourself, is invaluable.

That’s why we also love catering to each individual client’s needs. While we love each of our ready-made products, which we’ve taken great care to blend and market, sometimes a customer needs a little extra something to really boost their health.

Enter custom blends! If you have a specific health issue that you’re trying to deal with, or even if one of our proprietary blends needs to be weaker or stronger to suit your personal needs, let us know! We offer consultations where Julia can asses what the best blend of essential oils is for you.

Of course, if you ever have any questions, let us know! Call us, email us, or stop by the Oil City farmer’s market on Mondays and Thursdays.We want to hear from you!


Clary Sage

Hello everyone! Sorry we’ve been a little behind on blogging this week. It’s the crazy end of summer, and the days get away from us before we know it!

We’ve been busy planning upcoming festivals in the fall, as well as kicking around ideas for the future of Honest Aromas. It’s always fun to dream and plan, isn’t it?

One essential oil we’ve mentioned before, Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea), is a good one as you look to the future. According to Pompeii Organics, clary sage (which is different than other sages!) helps lift the mood and balance the hormones, a helpful thing when you’re trying to make plans! cs

Clary sage reduces tension in the muscles. It is calming, similar to Lavender Angustifolia, and it’s great for high blood pressure.

Due to its hormone-regulating properties, women often use clary sage to balance out the symptoms of menopause. In general, clary sage stimulates the menstrual cycle, due to an estrogen-mimicking molecule in its chemical makeup. This can make it helpful for menopause or period cramps, but that also means it can increase period bleeding or adversely affect pregnancy. Use with caution and with the direction of a trained aromatherapist (one specifically comes to mind! 🙂 ).

Remember, we will be at the Oil City Farmer’s Market from 9am-4pm today, as long as the weather’s good, so check in to see what’s new and to ask any questions you may have! We love meeting new friends and sharing the wonderful world of aromatherapy with you!


No Farmer’s Market Today

Unfortunately, we will not be at the Oil City Farmer’s Market today, due to some bad weather. We’ll plan to see you all at the market on Thursday, however, weather permitting! As always, contact us or visit our shop  if you want to order an item or ask us any questions. We’d love to hear from you!


Aromatherapy Starter Kits!

20160810_195150New to Honest Aromas….these starter kits will be just what you need to satisfy your curiosity in Aromatherapy! It has my 5 “must haves” for blending to the most common issues you may experience.

It comes complete with a description card which gives ideas for each oil and a dilution chart so you can  safely  and successfully experiment at home!

We are really excited about these and hope you are too! Affordably priced so you can try more oils at once than you could by purchasing individually.

Call or email us to get yours today!!

Farmer’s Market Week!

Hello everyone!

As we mentioned earlier, this week is National Farmer’s Market Week! Come see us in front of the Oil City Library until 4 today. There will be lots of fun activities, demonstrations, and a variety of lovely vendors to pique your interest!

Shoot us an email or give us a call if you have any questions. We want to hear from you!

Not Just for Sneezing

Chances are, you use pepper daily to season your food.

Did you know, though, that black pepper (Piper nigrum) essential oil also has amazing health benefits?

It’s true! According to Pompeii Organics, black pepper is an amazing pain reliever! Like the related cayenne pepper, black pepper has a warming effect, making it effective for joint and muscle aches. We use it in our Athlete’s Blend for any kind of soreness. It stimulates blood flow and encourages circulation, taking away pain.

Apart from its pain relieving properties, black pepper also fights infection and inflammation. It reduces fever and clears respiratory passages.

Emotionally, Pepper can help reduce fear and motivate change, which pairs well with yesterday’s blog on doubts!!BlackPepper_15ml_USDA_WEB__56833.1456168736.215.215

Because this is a warming oil, you shouldn’t use black pepper in a bath or anything where you want a gentle, cooling effect. Mixing it with mint or citrus oils can help balance the warmth.

So you see, pepper isn’t just good to make you sneeze. 🙂

Interested in trying black pepper? Let us know! We usually stock a few bottles. We also have it as an ingredient in several products, so send us an email or visit us this week at the Oil City Farmer’s Market on Thursday! It is National Farmer’s Market Week! Come and support your local vendors:-)