BlackPepper_15ml_USDA_WEB__56833.1456168736.215.215 Isn’t amazing that we can make so many choices? Did you ever think about that? We can make changes in our lives; we do not have to stay where we are, we can choose what food to eat, what games to play, what sports to attend or participate in, what friends to have…either positively or negatively. We have that freedom and it really is a gift!

What does pepper have to do with that?:-) Black Pepper’s emotional quality is that it helps motivate change! Isn’t that awesome?! It is also a powerhouse for increasing circulation of blood and oxygen, reducing fever and reducing pain and swelling.

So gain some freedom from pain and inflammation as well as motivation to change and move forward in all healthy ways!

Do you use Black Pepper? We want to hear from you today!

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