I walked into a meeting this morning and one of the first people I met was a man asking me if I received my emails last evening! I assumed he was referring to the the email regarding the meeting I had just arrived to which asked for an RSVP. I sheepishly relayed how I was out all day and I didn’t respond till late in the evening- even though he was very kind, I felt maybe he was going to scold me on responding so late!!

As it turned out, he had sent me an email from a completely different sphere of business and town! When he walked into the meeting this morning, he saw my name on the white board (because I was doing a 1 minute presentation of my business!), asked the director who I was and came to introduce himself!! He said it was “serendipitous”!!

Serendipity means a “fortunate happenstance” or “pleasant surprise”. It was coined by Horace Walpole.

It was quite a pleasant surprise, but I have to say it was even more than that, it was providence! God in His infinite care, has been leading me step by step these last several months. I have been asking Him daily to show me what He wants for me, my marriage, my fellowship, my business and He has not failed. He has not been giving me a big picture, but little snap shots…I almost feel like Hansel and Gretel  taking each piece of bread left on the path!

As you walk through your day today, look for the serendipity in your life! Reach out! Be a friend…make that call….answer a call…follow-up! As you do thank God for it! You will begin to see how He knits the fabric of our lives together through it! Here is an ancient oil to support your “stepping outside your comfort zone”. Frankincense will help calm your Central Nervous System and give you some grounding. Simply inhale it from the bottle or diffuse in a necklace or mix 3-5 drops of it in 1 ounce of coconut oil for a lotion<3



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