Sale Ending This Weekend!!

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This is THE TIME to purchase your Honest Aroma Products at Bindas Lane!! We are offering a CrAzY 50% off for you!!! Go Get em’! You have till tomorrow at 4 pm.

Have graduation parties? Great idea! Have students heading off to college? Perfect gift!! Headaches, Mood Booster, Sinus and Allergy, Arthritis and More!

They will not be this low again. Let’s move the inventory!! We want to hear from you today:-)

Fit Bits and Walking!


I told you I got a fit bit and I have been walking more, and feeling great! I also lost 5 pounds and still working toward my goal. I will walk around the house in circles if I didn’t get my 10K steps in for the day! I will walk back and forth in the kitchen while talking to my family if I didn’t reach my goal!! It’s kind of funny (possibly irritating to others) but definitely me😉

So, just encouraging you to walk…clear the mind, get exercise and be the Best you that you can!!

Do you have a Fit Bit? We want to hear from you today!!


Migraine Inhaler

Migraine Inhaler-whiteTried and tested by Migraine sufferers, this handy little inhaler gets to the problem quick! There is no faster way to get help into your system than inhaling (Olfaction)!

According to the University of Minnesota on their Taking Charge of Your Health and Well being page;

The Olfactory System

The olfactory system includes all physical organs or cells relating to, or contributing to, the sense of smell. When we inhale through the nose, airborne molecules interact with the olfactory organs and, almost immediately, the brain.

Molecules inhaled through the nose or mouth are also carried to the lungs and interact with the respiratory system. Thus, inhaled essential oils can affect the body through several systems and pathways.

It has helped many our customers, it is handy and inexpensive. Try one today:-)

Pain Blend

Arthritis Pain Balm-white (1)

Want to stop that pain you have in it’s tracks? Try some of our High Powered Arthritis Blend with Clove, Wintergreen and Cinnamon. It not only smells delicious, it halts your discomfort!

Clove chemically alleviates inflammation, Wintergreen also reduces inflammation and is a pain reliever, and Cinnamon provides relief from muscle and joint stiffness, all through the chemical components of each oil! It is blended in an emollient unscented lotion.

Massage into the area and have some relief! Try it today:-)

Mood Booster!


Made with Bergamot, Frankincense and Lavender…This blend will quickly support a calmness to the Central Nervous System! Chemically speaking Bergamot uplifts while it supports alleviation of depression. Frankincense restores vitality and Lavender calms.

These wonderful Essential Oils have chemical properties that not only smell wonderful, but actually produce a physical response in the body!

So be uplifted Boost your Mood with our Mood Booster Blend and have a great day!:-)


BlackPepper_15ml_USDA_WEB__56833.1456168736.215.215 Isn’t amazing that we can make so many choices? Did you ever think about that? We can make changes in our lives; we do not have to stay where we are, we can choose what food to eat, what games to play, what sports to attend or participate in, what friends to have…either positively or negatively. We have that freedom and it really is a gift!

What does pepper have to do with that?:-) Black Pepper’s emotional quality is that it helps motivate change! Isn’t that awesome?! It is also a powerhouse for increasing circulation of blood and oxygen, reducing fever and reducing pain and swelling.

So gain some freedom from pain and inflammation as well as motivation to change and move forward in all healthy ways!

Do you use Black Pepper? We want to hear from you today!


One oil that doesn’t get much fanfare is birch (Betula lenta). This sweet, minty essential oil is in our popular Arthritis Pain Blend, which fights joint and muscle pain and restores the body back to full strength.


According to Eden’s Garden, birch is excellent for the muscles because it’s a natural muscle relaxer. When paired with the warming qualilties of oils like clove bud and cinnamon, we have the perfect recipe for pain relief.

Birch is also known to strengthen the mind and emotions, contributing to mental health.

Interested in trying this oil? Contact us, and check out the new and improved Athritis Pain Blend, one of our most popular products! It’s great for any kind of pain, from the aches of getting older to the soreness of an active lifestyle.