St. Peters Bark!

St.Peters Bark! What a  clever name for an adorable all-natural pet shoppe in St. Petersburg, Florida! Owned by husband and wife team, Krista Schmidt and Keenan Atkinson- this store suits their passion of fitness, the Paleo Lifestyle, and raising Ridgebacks….although all pooches are welcome!

Keenan’s sister, Kathryn works the marketing end of the store, and they have other employees as well that are helping to grow this natural local niche.

Honest Aromas is happy to high light this store and promote it’s growth! If you are interested in keeping your pets healthy and want your pet to have optimum pet food, chews and toys….check out this website!

What do you think about your pet’s health? We want to hear from you today!


The Clouds…

images.jpg heart in the clouds

This blew my mind this morning….”It is not true to say that God wants to teach us some thing in our trials; through every cloud He brings, He wants us to unlearn some thing.” Oswald Chambers

Which leads me to ask myself the question; “what do I need to un learn?”….Oh, I could think of a lot of things!! So I ask you…what do you need to un learn? Bad habits,bad relational styles,  hang ups, addictions?

Wise man that Oswald Chambers!! After he has been long gone, he is still challenging us today. So, look at “The clouds in your life” and see them as an opportunity for change. Really nothing can change until you can change how you think about it. It is not easy, but it is possible. It might take all the energy you have every day, but as you persist, it will get easier. You will look back at some point and realize how far you’ve come!

As you enter your weekend, consider what things you could un learn and think about new things you could learn in it’s place. Here is some thing new for you to learn… far as summer pests go, nothing is as strong as cedarwood ! It really helps curb ticks and other bugs! We are making a new tick spray for summer using cedarwood!

What things do you need to un learn in your life? Have you ever used cedarwood? We want to hear from you today!!

Creating Some Summer Blends:-)


Happy Wednesday! We are working on some new Summer Blends for ticks, bugs,itches and hopefully, sunscreen- this week!

We hope to have them ready for our upcoming Oil City’s Farmer’s Market starting Thursday June 2….and the Cook Forest Herb Fest Saturday June 4 and Sunday June 5th!

Come out to these venues and experience the wonderfulness of summer with us!!!

THANK YOU every one who came to MAY MART! We enjoyed meeting you and making some new friends! We appreciate your encouragement and business.<3

Let us know how you like your Honest Aromas Products! We want to hear from you today!


We shared this last summer, and in light of our Anniversary, we thought we share it again:-)

Honest Aromas

11760272_10204918776949398_7922880738866326940_nHonest Aromas. Why did we pick that name??

There were actually a few reasons. The first reason was that we wanted to promote the idea that, in a world where honest motives are hard to find and adulterated essential oils are common, we were going to have pure selling motives and the cleanest oils and products money could buy.

We get (most)of our oils from a small Pennsylvania company who buy directly from the distiller.  When we are not able to purchase from that company, we still deal with other company’s who get their oil directly from the distiller. There are no middle men, and everything that is bought, is tested for it’s chemical components so you know exactly what is in your oil. We are not trying to sell products just for the sake of the sale and we do not tell you to use exorbitant amounts of the oil…

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Happy Spring!

20160509_083543.jpgThis lovely printed towel was given to me by my daughter on Mother’s Day! My children know I love the French Country type of decor which is the back drop of our Honest Aromas displays<3

The bird reminded me of spring….right now as a matter of fact, I am listening to all of the birds out side singing their Spring songs.

The bike speaks to me of perseverance! We love bike riding as a family, and use the bike trails that we have in this area of NW Pennsylvania often. But lately, I have been fighting a “give up” feeling. Not with riding bikes on the trails! But with in myself. Just not wanting push through some of the difficulties I have been facing.

In the past I have done that well. Give up! Or just do not begin any thing new to start with! But I am determined to leave this life better for having lived in it. I am not by any means successful all of the time. As a matter of fact, I have failed miserably at being a person at times. I have let my self- and others who love me down, majorly.

But I was reminded this morning while reading and listening to the birds, that nothing comes to life, until there has been a death. Spring. All the things from the previous year fall into the ground and decompose and then come to life again when the season comes around.

I am taking notice of my surroundings and of these great truths…

Very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.
I want to produce many seeds in this life! It gives me the encouragement to Keep Going (from Break The Cycle) even when I feel like giving up. I hope that I have encouraged you in some way to persevere today- and produce many seeds in your life.
Speaking of seeds, our Carrot Seed Facial has piqued a lot of interest lately! It is an excellent cleanser, but it also has many skin cancer fighting properties making it excellent for the summer and the sun. …it has a high SPF as well. So check it out and see what you think!
We want to hear from you today!

May Mart!!

We will be at Franklin’s May Mart This Saturday and Sunday! Look for us on Elk Street in front of Binda’s Lane Alpaca’s and Gift Shoppe at our tent!!

Remember…. if you use the verbal coupon “Happy Birthday”, you receive 10% off your purchases!!

We want to see you there:-)