Ahhhhh!!! We’re on Amazon!!!!


“Do you know what this is??”, I excitedly texted my husband! “It is our UPC’s from Amazon!!…we are official!” After 4 months of hard work….(A MAJOR THANK YOU TO Kathryn, who is holding the labels!) Some of our products have made through the long process and are  posted on Amazon.com- today!!!!!

Some are still going through the process….but we are SO EXCITED!! Our Allegheny Woods lotion and soap are on there as well as the arthritis blend and lip balm…..soon we will have our inhalers and roller bottles for Snore No More and Headaches on site. Make sure you always choose “All Departments” when looking for Honest Aroma products on Amazon.

Thank you for all of YOUR support and encouragement to us over the last year!! You have supplied a job to our daughter Hannah while she has been in college! You buy our products and she works hard in our social media department…so thank you!! And you supply jobs to others like Kathryn too!! I get to learn, develop and “play” with new oils and carriers in the process!

So, we have a busy day and week ahead of us…getting these products ready to ship to Amazon and getting ready for the

Herb and Fiber Arts Festival – Cook Forest Sawmill Center for the Arts

Blessings on your health and may your soul prosper. 3 John 2



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