Memorial Day Weekend


Hello everyone, happy Friday! This is a big weekend in our American lives! A lot of things change for us over this weekend. In our case, school is over for the year, summer activities begin, and beaches and amusement parks open.

I know we have a few picnics we are attending this weekend- how about you? In all of the activities and change of schedules, let us take a minute and thank the men and women who have helped make it possible for us to enjoy such freedoms and ease.

Our son has joined the Navy and we will be experiencing that new facet letting him go, not knowing where he is at times, and not seeing him for extended periods. It is a sacrifice, and it is a sacrifice for him and all who serve to lay down their lives to work toward peace and safety in our land.

My grandfather was a marine and served in one of the most difficult battles in France in World War 1 ….he was never the same. My uncle was a marine and made it through the Korean war….he was never the same. They took an immense amount pressure, suffering and pain to assure the freedoms we have today. They layed a “normal life” down and suffered difficulties the rest of their lives  so we could enjoy these pleasures in our life. I thank them.

I cannot help but stop and think about Jesus Christ who did that on the ultimate scale. It was not His will to die on a cross for the sin of the world. But He chose to suffer and sacrifice on our behalf so that we could enjoy the freedom of living with the Father for eternity. I thank Him.

Take a moment and be thankful for that! I hope you are blessed this weekend in what ever you choose to do. And if you are looking for a way to curb those picnic ants and keep mosquitoes and bugs away….try some rose geranium and cedarwood for those flying insects and diatomaceous earth for the ants:-)

Happy Memorial Day Weekend<3



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