Happy Spring!

20160509_083543.jpgThis lovely printed towel was given to me by my daughter on Mother’s Day! My children know I love the French Country type of decor which is the back drop of our Honest Aromas displays<3

The bird reminded me of spring….right now as a matter of fact, I am listening to all of the birds out side singing their Spring songs.

The bike speaks to me of perseverance! We love bike riding as a family, and use the bike trails that we have in this area of NW Pennsylvania often. But lately, I have been fighting a “give up” feeling. Not with riding bikes on the trails! But with in myself. Just not wanting push through some of the difficulties I have been facing.

In the past I have done that well. Give up! Or just do not begin any thing new to start with! But I am determined to leave this life better for having lived in it. I am not by any means successful all of the time. As a matter of fact, I have failed miserably at being a person at times. I have let my self- and others who love me down, majorly.

But I was reminded this morning while reading and listening to the birds, that nothing comes to life, until there has been a death. Spring. All the things from the previous year fall into the ground and decompose and then come to life again when the season comes around.

I am taking notice of my surroundings and of these great truths…

Very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.
I want to produce many seeds in this life! It gives me the encouragement to Keep Going (from Break The Cycle) even when I feel like giving up. I hope that I have encouraged you in some way to persevere today- and produce many seeds in your life.
Speaking of seeds, our Carrot Seed Facial has piqued a lot of interest lately! It is an excellent cleanser, but it also has many skin cancer fighting properties making it excellent for the summer and the sun. …it has a high SPF as well. So check it out and see what you think!
We want to hear from you today!

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