Ahhhhh!!! We’re on Amazon!!!!


“Do you know what this is??”, I excitedly texted my husband! “It is our UPC’s from Amazon!!…we are official!” After 4 months of hard work….(A MAJOR THANK YOU TO Kathryn, who is holding the labels!) Some of our products have made through the long process and are  posted on Amazon.com- today!!!!!

Some are still going through the process….but we are SO EXCITED!! Our Allegheny Woods lotion and soap are on there as well as the arthritis blend and lip balm…..soon we will have our inhalers and roller bottles for Snore No More and Headaches on site. Make sure you always choose “All Departments” when looking for Honest Aroma products on Amazon.

Thank you for all of YOUR support and encouragement to us over the last year!! You have supplied a job to our daughter Hannah while she has been in college! You buy our products and she works hard in our social media department…so thank you!! And you supply jobs to others like Kathryn too!! I get to learn, develop and “play” with new oils and carriers in the process!

So, we have a busy day and week ahead of us…getting these products ready to ship to Amazon and getting ready for the

Herb and Fiber Arts Festival – Cook Forest Sawmill Center for the Arts

Blessings on your health and may your soul prosper. 3 John 2



Memorial Day Weekend


Hello everyone, happy Friday! This is a big weekend in our American lives! A lot of things change for us over this weekend. In our case, school is over for the year, summer activities begin, and beaches and amusement parks open.

I know we have a few picnics we are attending this weekend- how about you? In all of the activities and change of schedules, let us take a minute and thank the men and women who have helped make it possible for us to enjoy such freedoms and ease.

Our son has joined the Navy and we will be experiencing that new facet letting him go, not knowing where he is at times, and not seeing him for extended periods. It is a sacrifice, and it is a sacrifice for him and all who serve to lay down their lives to work toward peace and safety in our land.

My grandfather was a marine and served in one of the most difficult battles in France in World War 1 ….he was never the same. My uncle was a marine and made it through the Korean war….he was never the same. They took an immense amount pressure, suffering and pain to assure the freedoms we have today. They layed a “normal life” down and suffered difficulties the rest of their lives  so we could enjoy these pleasures in our life. I thank them.

I cannot help but stop and think about Jesus Christ who did that on the ultimate scale. It was not His will to die on a cross for the sin of the world. But He chose to suffer and sacrifice on our behalf so that we could enjoy the freedom of living with the Father for eternity. I thank Him.

Take a moment and be thankful for that! I hope you are blessed this weekend in what ever you choose to do. And if you are looking for a way to curb those picnic ants and keep mosquitoes and bugs away….try some rose geranium and cedarwood for those flying insects and diatomaceous earth for the ants:-)

Happy Memorial Day Weekend<3



Keep Seeking….


Getting ready for summer? I am! I had a taste of it last week while we were in Florida! The sand, the sun, the waves….Oh I love summmmmmerrrr!!!

So, how are you doing on your health goals? Have you made any improvements? What are you seeking to attain? Having more energy? Creating a positive out look? Loosing a few pounds? Building some muscle?

Don’t give up.This scripture gives me great encouragement today, I hope it does for you as well. “Ask and it will be given you, seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, an he who seeks, finds, an to him who knocks it will be opened.” Matthew 7:7-8

I hope some of our previous blogs inspire you. Read the blog  we did on progress….as well as many others we have on encouragement.

Keep up with your journey. Keep at it…it takes perseverance- make up your mind and proceed! I am right here with you, I need your encouragement, and I want to give you mine.

Blessings on your day<3

Cook Forest Herb Fest Coming …..

First weekend of June. My have we grown since last year!! Come out and pick from a huge selection of plants from this event…..and visit us too:-)

In the mean time….visit Binda’s Lane Alpacas on Elk Street in Franklin and Paul Hess Energi @ the bank in Meadville to pick up your favorite products!!

We want to hear from you today!!

Gettin’ Free!


Here is a quote from Christine Caine’s book unashamed… “Shame will always want to recapture you at that point and once again take you hostage. It will run wild with accusations if you allow it, pointing gleefully at every ugly piece of dirty laundry still packed in your baggage .It will work so hard to remind you how long you’ve been carrying it, and it will resort to its old lie: “You’ll never be rid of it.”


This last month I did a 3-part blog on shame, blame and un forgiveness. I just finished this book by Christine Caine (that I highly recommend you to read) and challenge you into your weekend to really “get free”! Don’t just enjoy your self with the freedom that a weekend can bring, but get free emotionally, physically and spiritually from the bondage shame can bring!

Out of Christine’s personal journey, she started helping others…even those in anti-human trafficking – as well as encouraging women in general to be all that God has created them to be. Let’s all get “freer” together…i am right here with you and for you<3 ❤

I gave you my salt scrub idea this week…how about a quick oil recipe?

1/2 c. coconut oil (which has an spf of 4;-), 3 drops of lavender  and 3 drops of roman chamomile.Blend together for a soothing relaxing all over lotion (you can even use it on your face:-)

Have a great weekend, we want to hear about your freedom today!


A Quick Thursday Workout!

This high intensity yoga work-out will be sure to have you awake and sweating in 10 minutes! A good end of the week pick-me-up!

Take some time for your self this morning before the day gets a head of you. It will challenge you and may be a bit fast if you are a beginner, but give it a try! Go at your own pace and work at it!

And try this salt scrub recipe to soften hands and arms this morning! 1 c. salt, 1-2 Tbs. melted coconut oil, and a few drops of your favorite Essential Oil. Scrub hands, arms and elbows- give your self a nice massage! Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. You are set for Thursday!

How do you feel? We want to hear from you today!

St. Peters Bark!

St.Peters Bark! What a  clever name for an adorable all-natural pet shoppe in St. Petersburg, Florida! Owned by husband and wife team, Krista Schmidt and Keenan Atkinson- this store suits their passion of fitness, the Paleo Lifestyle, and raising Ridgebacks….although all pooches are welcome!

Keenan’s sister, Kathryn works the marketing end of the store, and they have other employees as well that are helping to grow this natural local niche.

Honest Aromas is happy to high light this store and promote it’s growth! If you are interested in keeping your pets healthy and want your pet to have optimum pet food, chews and toys….check out this website!

What do you think about your pet’s health? We want to hear from you today!


The Clouds…

images.jpg heart in the clouds

This blew my mind this morning….”It is not true to say that God wants to teach us some thing in our trials; through every cloud He brings, He wants us to unlearn some thing.” Oswald Chambers

Which leads me to ask myself the question; “what do I need to un learn?”….Oh, I could think of a lot of things!! So I ask you…what do you need to un learn? Bad habits,bad relational styles,  hang ups, addictions?

Wise man that Oswald Chambers!! After he has been long gone, he is still challenging us today. So, look at “The clouds in your life” and see them as an opportunity for change. Really nothing can change until you can change how you think about it. It is not easy, but it is possible. It might take all the energy you have every day, but as you persist, it will get easier. You will look back at some point and realize how far you’ve come!

As you enter your weekend, consider what things you could un learn and think about new things you could learn in it’s place. Here is some thing new for you to learn…..as far as summer pests go, nothing is as strong as cedarwood ! It really helps curb ticks and other bugs! We are making a new tick spray for summer using cedarwood!

What things do you need to un learn in your life? Have you ever used cedarwood? We want to hear from you today!!

Creating Some Summer Blends:-)


Happy Wednesday! We are working on some new Summer Blends for ticks, bugs,itches and hopefully, sunscreen- this week!

We hope to have them ready for our upcoming Oil City’s Farmer’s Market starting Thursday June 2….and the Cook Forest Herb Fest Saturday June 4 and Sunday June 5th!

Come out to these venues and experience the wonderfulness of summer with us!!!

THANK YOU every one who came to MAY MART! We enjoyed meeting you and making some new friends! We appreciate your encouragement and business.<3

Let us know how you like your Honest Aromas Products! We want to hear from you today!