Basil, Sweet Basil

Spring means new flavors and fresh ingredients! Here’s something we shared back in May on one of our favorite herbs: Basil!


Hello Friends!

Today I want to share the healing properties of a plant many of us think of as a cooking herb: basil, specifically sweet basil (Ocimum basilicum). Basil doesn’t just smell amazing and taste delicious in pasta dishes. Basil essential oil is helpful for a variety of health needs.

Now, the first thing to know with basil essential oil is that chemical properties can vary from oil to oil. It’s important to know exactly what properties your basil oil possesses for maximum effect. (This is where a certified aromatherapist can help 😉.

Basil is antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral. It is also a wonderful digestive aid and helps the digestive system to overcome nausea and vomiting. It’s also great for chest colds as it has expectorant properties.

Wonderful physical benefits aside, basil also helps with mental and emotional health (which, as we think holistically, we know to also be a part of the body!). Basil helps to increase confidence and motivation and is great to boost mental clarity and happy emotions.

So remember all this next time you add basil leaves to your favorite dish! No wonder it’s such a favorite!

How do you like to use basil in food and around the house?

What basil benefit are you most interested in?

(All information comes from my wonderful teacher Liz Fulcher and her data sheets on essential oils for the Aromatic Wisdom Institute.)


2 thoughts on “Basil, Sweet Basil

    1. Hello!
      Thank you for your feedback and for your transparency.
      I am in such a low/ growing period of my life and understand in a way I never have, that I too, need to be completely rooted in Him. He has pointed out “religion”( as opposed to relationship ) in my life, and I have been on a journey of asking the Holy Spirit to lead me and guide me into all truth every minute of every day. He has graciously been teaching me a new life of faith after 28 years of being a Christian.
      I totally agree with you about our pursuit of Him. He taught me a hard lesson using satan as his “convenient agent” (as Norman Grubb calls him), to show me every desire and need are fulfilled in Him. That every thing we See in this life; lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh, the pride of life- is not reality, but faith in that perfect, amazing, wondrous, perfect loving God who we have relationship with through Jesus, Is Reality. That because of His (heart) everlasting Love, He has drawn us, and will continue to rebuild us. Even despite utter failure on our part, He is waiting to pour out outlandish love if we seek Him. Aletha Hinthorn using the Song of Solomon, did an excellent job describing that very love affair with Jesus in her book, “Receive His Love”.
      Because of the many scriptures concerning doubt including James 1:6, I don’t know if I agree with your Physician, but I do think doubt can be a strong motivator…and admit, I do not know everything!I know for myself, the biggest weapon satan uses on me, is to make me doubt God’s total outrageous love for me. When things are really hard, or I have failed, satan is whispering as he did to job, “you have served God, and this is how He responds to you”.
      I have been reading “The Christian’s secret of a Happy Life” and Hannah Whitall Smith uses chapter 9 to speak about Doubts. I wrote my blog really pondering that and see how doubt and discouragements have been “inlets by which evil enters, while faith is an impregnable wall against all evil”, in my own life.
      I have faith that God said “To he who overcomes…” which is why I haven’t taken my life, although I had come close to many times.
      You have given me much to consider and I appreciate the conversation- it helps me flesh out what I believe and encourages me to keep writing!
      Many Blessings to you and have a great week!


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