Essential Oil Safety: Less is More!

Today we’re sharing a post we featured back in May. Although essential oils are amazing agents of health, they also require some caution. Here’s a little look at why!

Less is More

Source: Essential Oil Safety: Less is More!

Valentines Sale!

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Break the Cycle!

20160207_222308.jpgOver the last several weeks I have been hearing a re occurring theme…..break the cycle!

Whether it has pertained to my own negative thoughts or relational cycles, my son’s ADHD patterns, or other cooperate negative cycles, in church or work etc. ….breaking old cycles is the only way to foster change and allow us to keep going in a positive direction.

Here is a very helpful activity I did recently, I want to share it with you.  Write down 3 recent personal situations that really got your attention. For each situation, write down all of the emotions that you experienced for each one. (frustration, loneliness, jealousy, etc.)Then write down the ways you acted or responded in each one.(Snapped at your children, dog or cat;-) depression, shopping spree, etc.) Compare the lists, and take notice to any commonalities between them. Same emotions? Similar reactions? Even the situations…did they have any common themes?

Now, locate the common theme, or reoccurring  problem. Once you have located it, take responsibility for your part in it…that is the first and biggest step! You may be tempted to blame the other person but just focus on your responsibility to it….so you can grow and change. The second step, is  deciding how you are going to do the opposite or take a different direction the next time it happens. The third step is, as you are moving forward in this new direction it is going to feel uncomfortable or even come with a whole new set of responsibilities. Decide ahead of time to accept the challenge with courage!

Practicing these steps will help you to ” keep going” in the right direction. It may take a lot of practice and you may not even feel like you are progressing forward, but I promise you, you are! It has been through much personal prayer and support of others that I have been able to do this. The books I am reading, the conversations I have been having and the sermons I have been hearing, all have this echoing theme.

My good friend, who cares about my heart and my soul, bought me this mug. I use it often and read it out loud! I need to keep going!  What good is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result? It is insanity!

I created the New Dry, Cracked Hand Lotion for this friend….she was fed up with the dry hand cycle she got every year! She encouraged me to formulate some thing that works. She loves it so much, she exhorted me to make it for all to buy! So now it is available to you! So as you break the negative cycles in your life, you can break the winter dry hands cycle at the same time;-)

Lets” keep going” forward… together.<3


In With the New!

We’ve been sharing some of our newest products over the past few weeks, and they’re all finally available in our online store!


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Product Highlight: Dry Cracked Hand Lotion

It’s winter, and even if your weather isn’t cold and snowy all season long, the dry air can still wreak havoc on your skin! Enter one of this week’s new products:


Our new Dry, Cracked Hand Lotion cures what’s in its name :). With a nourishing blend of all-natural lotion and baobab oil, as well as the champion essential oils Lavender and Myrrh, you can kiss your chapped red hands goodbye… and find softer, hydrated ones in their place :).

This lotion comes in a convenient pumper bottle, easy to use and tote around. It will premiere in our online store sometime this week, so keep in touch!

Product Highlight: Carrot Seed Facials!

This year has been full of wonderful new products already! Today we want to introduce our newest: the Carrot See Facial mask!

carrot seed

This special formula contains Carrot Seed Oil, which we’ve covered before. Carrot Seed nourishes the skin, making this mask perfect for blemishes, scars, and rashes.

We’ll be putting this new product in our online store this week. Stay posted! And as always, let us know if you have any questions!

I Miss My Mom……


(This lily was created in memory of my mom, and it is named “The Edonna Mae”.)

Today is my mom’s Birthday. She would have been ….79. I miss her. There are things going on in my life that I wish I could talk to her about. I would like to know what I know about her now….and have that conversation. I would even share things with her that she didn’t know about me.

We didn’t always have that kind of relationship. For the first 20 years of my life, my mom was an alcoholic. I got to experience a wide range of emotions and situations growing up. Family and marital tension were a way of life. No one really wanted to live at home. It seemed like every one’s goal in life was to “get out”, including mine. We had our times of laughter and mirth  and “the family Wheeze”…. don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for that out let. We also had many people come in and out of our home. Every one was welcomed and that was a good thing.

It is sad, because in retrospect, all that my mom ever wanted to do was be a wife and mom. And despite her failures, she was all that. We always had home- cooked, delicious meals and the importance of the family table was definitely ingrained in us . We went to church every Sunday and we took a yearly family vacation in the Vista Cruiser. We sang songs together and my parents definitely fostered a love of music which all of us have carried into our adult lives. My mom, with her children’s help, also took care of her mother in our home and that was no easy task. So, good job mom! I appreciate you for all of the things you did for me.

My mom went through rehab when I was 20. When she came back, she was a deeper and no pun intended- much more sober person. No one really knew how to relate to her, and we didn’t dare talk about what life changing situation had just occurred! I stepped trepidaciously into unknown relational territory with her! I wanted it so desperately. She was a completely different person that the one I had always known.

She was given a second chance at life and we were given a second chance with her as well! Her humor really emerged in a way that I had never known before! She could laugh and make every one else laugh along with her, but she also knew how to laugh at her self! Some thing that I have, because I am so good at putting my foot in my mouth, learned how to do as well!!

Her grand children, who she adored, never knew a “different” grandma. They knew the patriotic, snack drawer, bed time story reading, memory building grandma. Through having my own marriage and children, I grew into much more understanding of the trials and tribulations my mom had been through her self. We had some really transparent talks and some not- so- great frustrations with each other. But we did have a relationship with each other and we ended up being pretty close by the time she passed away. The last week of her life was a precious time that I got to spend with her and I am extremely thankful for the privilege.

A year after her death, I learned that my mother had had a baby girl when she was 19. She gave the baby up for adoption and I grew up knowing this child, but of course not as my sister. There were soooooo many things that made sense to me about my mom as this secret was revealed. I understood her pain and the shoes she walked in, a lot better. I wish that she could have talked about  it with us while she was still here.

The truth is, we all have our own shoes to walk in…don’t we? And none of us knows what it is like for another person, because we are all different. We all approach and handle things differently. My mom, did an amazing job of over coming obstacles in many ways…and a lot of it she kept to her self.

I have to talk through everything!!! That is how I process situations/life. Like I said at the beginning, there are a lot of things I would like to discuss with my mom now. I know she would give me her honest opinion, she was good at that, whether you liked it or not!! She cared deeply. She loved us and my dad was the love of her life.

When she had a heart attack, she was getting ready to be helicopter transported to a larger hospital, and her tennis shoes were at the foot of her bed. She said; “Jul, grab those and bring them to me at the hospital, because I am walking out of there!” She had a feisty determination that way.

The Bible tells us to “run the race that is marked out for us”. Today, I do not really feel like running, but I will put my tennis shoes on and walk! Remembering my mom today…loving her and missing her.