I am first a Wife and Mom….


You may have noticed I haven’t blogged for a few days?!! Well, in addition to making sure I am reading prescribed material with my spouse and praying; driving to school to do some activity period and tutoring and a child being sick….I just haven’t been able to! (This is a picture of my son doing his home work that I picked up at school this morning;-)

I have a first and primary occupation… Wife and Mother. Employer; God. It is a high calling, the highest actually. And although I love what I do with health and aromatherapy, these things will always take a back seat when a choice has to be made between the two.

There were times in my life, even recently when I struggled with that. I know though at the end of my life I will regret if I didn’t do every thing I knew I could do in these two areas. Even if I don’t do “wifing” and mothering perfectly, and I don’t.…. I know I have to give it my best so I can be my true self.

So, I hope this encourages and inspires you today. I hope it helps you to discern your boundaries and your higher life calling! We want to hear from you today!





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