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Essential oil list continued

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What new Essential Oils have you wanted to experiment with? What are your favorite Essential Oils? We want to hear from you today!!

I am first a Wife and Mom….


You may have noticed I haven’t blogged for a few days?!! Well, in addition to making sure I am reading prescribed material with my spouse and praying; driving to school to do some activity period and tutoring and a child being sick….I just haven’t been able to! (This is a picture of my son doing his home work that I picked up at school this morning;-)

I have a first and primary occupation… Wife and Mother. Employer; God. It is a high calling, the highest actually. And although I love what I do with health and aromatherapy, these things will always take a back seat when a choice has to be made between the two.

There were times in my life, even recently when I struggled with that. I know though at the end of my life I will regret if I didn’t do every thing I knew I could do in these two areas. Even if I don’t do “wifing” and mothering perfectly, and I don’t.…. I know I have to give it my best so I can be my true self.

So, I hope this encourages and inspires you today. I hope it helps you to discern your boundaries and your higher life calling! We want to hear from you today!






flowers and cottage

A very helpful book I have been reading lately is Dr. Henry Cloud’s Changes That Heal.  He is also the Co- Author of Boundaries another super helpful, life book.

Although I always knew I had boundary issues, I never understood how many boundary issues I had in relation to how I see myself. This is truly eye opening to me! I have always felt guilty for having boundaries! I would feel selfish and like my needs weren’t as important as putting other’s needs ahead of mine. We have all seen people abuse these things, infringing on or controlling people….and I guess as a Christian, I just thought the opposite was true but I was distorted in my thinking.

I want to share some thoughts from his book for us to consider. …

  1. “We have all grown up in a world that is severely mixed up about where one person begins and another ends. As a result, we grow up understanding what we own and what we don’t, what we are responsible for and what we are not.”
  2. “As a result of injuries and fallenness, we distort God’s reality. Just as we need to clear up distorted thinking in the area on bonding, we need to clear it up in the area on responsibility.”
  3. “Probably the biggest problem to work through in terms of boundaries, is the guilt we may feel in realizing freedom to own our own life. Many people have been taught that they are selfish and bad for not being responsible for others’ feelings, behaviors, and choices…this teaching keeps codependent behavior going.”
  4. “People who make the remark, “I am selfish for owning my own life” may have been told, “you are selfish if you do not give me what is yours.” When people are vulnerable to control, they feel that they are selfish for deciding what to do with their own property. In reality, deciding for ourselves is the only way we can ever have true love, for then we are giving freely.”
  5. “My wants are not important”, denies one’s life in an unbiblical way. We are told in the Bible to deny ourselves, but we can only do this if we first own ourselves. People who do not own their own lives cannot give them away! We must be good stewards of our lives before we can give to others.”

That’s a lot to chew on right there. It is a lot to consider and weigh. I am going to bet that these statements are challenging to you in some way, they are to me. Depression, Blaming, Victim Mentality, Panic, Passive Aggressiveness and Resentment are just some of the symptoms that can result from these lack of boundaries! I know I have dealt with these and I know a lot of others do as well.

I picked the photo above because most of us think of property when we think of boundaries. I have been thinking of myself like a property …deciding what is “in my yard” and isn’t. I have found some one else’s trash in my yard a few times lately!! It isn’t mine!! It is the first time I have ever thought of it in that way. I hope this has been holistically helpful to you as you begin your week!

What ideas do you have about boundaries? We want to hear from you today!!

A little education and a big sale!


I am going to do some thing I have never done before! Share 6 of my Essential Oils and their benefits and offer a significant sale price if you would like to try one!!

(From Pompeii Organics)

  1. Carrot Seed Oil  Daucus carota-

    Carrot Seed (Daucus Carota) Promotes Skin Cell Regeneration And Scar Reduction. It’s Beneficial In Lotion And Body Oil Blends For Eczema, Psoriasis, Sunburn, And Skin Healing In General.

  2. Black Pepper Piper Nigrum- 

    Think PAIN RELIEF! Black Pepper Is A Warm Oil Which Stimulates Circulation While Having An Analgesic Effect. It’s Excellent For A Sports Massage When Dealing With Sore, Stiff Muscles. Apply To Areas Of Muscle Or Joint Inflammation. Since It Is A Hot Oil, It Is Not Recommend For Baths Or Where A Cooling Effect Is Desired. Blending With A Cooling Oil Like Bergamot Mint Or A Citrus Will Help Offset The Heat.

  3.  Lime Citrus aurantifolia

     Lime essential oil is ASTRINGENT, making it useful for oily skin types. Like other citrus oils, it is EMOTIONALLY UPLIFTING  and a natural AIRBORNE DEODORIZER.
    Lime has been researched to be anti-infectious, anti-viral, and it also combats bacteria.

  4. Rosemary Rosmarinus officinalis ct.1.8 cineole-

    Rosemary Is STIMULATING, It Promotes MENTAL FOCUS, And MEMORY RETENTION. Applied Topically In A Cream Or Oil, It Is Pain Numbing (Analgesic) And Good For Muscle Aches And Pains, Promoting Circulation And Warmth To Tight Muscles.

    Use Caution- Contains Camphor. Avoid During Pregnancy And With Small Children Under 5.

  5. Spearmint Mentha spicata-
    1. Not All “Mints” Are The Same! Spearmint Is Surprisingly SEDATIVEANTISPASMODIC (Muscle Cramping), And ANTI-INFLAMMATORY Actions. It Is COOLING And Can Be Helpful With Anxiety And Depression Issues.

      6. Sandalwood Santalum paniculatum-

      Think white sand, blue water and a gentle pacific breeze as you relax with the grounding aromatic properties of our newest essential oil, Hawaiian Sandalwood.

      In addition to its grounding properites, Sandalwood can be utilized during cold and flu season for bronchitis, coughs, throat infections and chest infections since it has anti-infectious, decongestant and antiseptic therapeutic properties. When you’re not coughing or battling an infection, Sandalwood can comfort your anxiety and nervousness since it has strong Sesquiterpene properties as well.

      Sandalwood has been in use for spiritual and medicinal purposes for over 4,000 years. Ancient Egyptians and Romans brought it from Asia and it has been used in religious, ceremonial ways ever since.


      • Antiseptic
      • Antidepressant
      • Diuretic
      • Astringent
      • Aphrodisiac
      • Anti-Infectious
      • Calmative


    1. Carrot Seed Oil 1/2 ounce was $26- Now $19.50
    2.Black Pepper 1/2 ounce was $14- Now $10.50
    3. Lime 1/2 ounce was $20- Now $15.00
    4. Rosemary 1/2 ounce was $12- Now $9.00
    5. Spearmint 1/2 ounce was $11.00- Now $8.25
    6. Sandalwood 1/6 ounce was $75.00- Now $56.00
    I hope you had a little education today and learned something new!!
    Take advantage of these limited time prices! Contact us at honestaromatherapy@gmail.com to secure your bottle today!

I am interested in Aromatherapy, what’s the next step?


Another stepping stone to help you gain more knowledge and information is through two highly regarded publications.NAHA (National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy) and AIA (Alliance of International Aromatherapists).

These are valuable resources to help pique your interest in the field. They can spark your mind to the different avenues Aromatherapy can take and offer a variety of educational options.

There are options for members and non members alike, so check it out! Their websites are http://www.naha.org and http://www.alliance-aromatherapists.org

What steps have you taken to learn more about aromatherapy? What has been a helpful resource to you? We want to hear from you today!!



This is my story….

Well, part of it any way;-) In continuation of the Essential Oil Education Theme this week, I want to share my story and education.

As far as holistic health is concerned, I lived like most Americans do for the first 20 years of my life. I ate the SADiet and looked and felt like it!! I was always struggling with weight and was very sick and tired most of the time. I also enjoyed to0 much alcohol and smoked.

When I was about 20, I had a major encounter with Jesus Christ and the relationship caused me to want to make changes in all parts of my life, even the way I looked at health. Prior to that, I spent a lot of time at the doctors office, mostly for bronchial and allergy issues.

Moving ahead….I had my first child. I became even more aware of how I wanted to use natural methods as a mother. I started questioning immunizations and started dealing with my daughter’s allergies. After repeated ear infections I decided “doctoring” wasn’t working for her either.

I sought out a holistic practitioner and talked to a lot of health store owners. They seemed to actually be healthy and all had “before and after” stories. The doctor I went to was and still is considered “a quack” to those in our area, but he is a researcher and truly wants to help people get well. This was 20 years ago, and he was all over gut health and gluten intolerance before it was in fashion.  He gave us a hands on education about allergies and diet. Changing our diet completely changed my daughters health. No more breathing treatments, no more ear infections. There was some thing very true to all of this!

Then comes the second child…the first child’s allergies completely paled in comparison to child #2- son #1! He was so intolerant of almost every food, he almost died when he was 10 months old of major leaky gut syndrome. He ended up on a diet of yams and venison for a year. I would spoon feed him olive oil as well, but that was it!! (Obviously I still had major health issues going on and passed many allergies through to him- our life was also extremely stress filled at the time.)

Through that journey, we had to completely rid our home of dust, dust collectors, and chemicals.  He slept in a linoleum floored room with no curtains, no stuffed animals, no detergents. He couldn’t use commercial diapers and no way, wipes! Home made diapers and wash clothes with him. We believe he was miraculously saved by God. So, in my new journey of not running to the store to buy cleaners, I started experimenting with natural cleaning elements and starting to use some essential oils.

Through the next 20 years I dealt with more of my own health issues and was ever researching supplements and holistic health. I had a lot of people ask me questions about health because they were aware of our journey and saw the changes we had made as a family. When the “Essential Oil Boom” came over the last few years, I had a lot of people asking me how to use them. I had my ideas and my understanding, but I felt compelled to become certified so that I could really know what I was talking about in order to help my self and others.

I started looking on line for training and found Aromatic Wisdom Institute in my great state of PA! I was looking for hands-on-training and after visiting the school and spending time with Liz Fulcher, I knew this was the place for me!

It was a challenging course, especially with many other things I had going on in my life, but I did it! I cannot express the confidence in the education I received. This is going to sound really harsh, but bear with me. My husband says; the difference between being an Aromatherapist versus some one who sells essential oil, is like the difference between a doctor’s prescription and a drug dealer.  Ouch! I have sold essential oils for a Multi Level Network,  I am not against it!  But some of that analogy fleshes out… we have to challenge our selves and each other to  higher standards. I encourage every one who sells essential oils, to get more personal education- preferably from a NAHA or AIA recognized school, like Aromatic Wisdom Institute or Aromahead Institute to name a few. I took my Physiology and Anatomy course on line at Aromahead. If we care about health and want to be helpful and taken seriously, we all have to do our part to be as professional as possible…it only helps our cause to do so.

So, this is my story, my journey into Aromatherapy Certification. What is yours? Has your interest been piqued to have more formal training in this area? We want to hear from you today!20150525_155239



Aromatic Wisdom’s, Liz Fulcher!


As promised, I want to high light essential oil education this week…what a better place to do it than from the Roman Coliseum!! Kidding;-) But Rome and Liz Fulcher do have some thing in common!!

In 1991, Liz (Head Educator and owner of Aromatic Wisdom Institute) had her second child in Rome. After they handed her her beautiful baby boy, they also handed her a mystery oil in an amber bottle! They instructed her to massage her new born with this oil! She was a little nervous with reservations and questions, but after seeing Gianluca calm down with a “kneedy” massage of Calendula and Roman Chamomile, she was intrigued.

All of this set her course to discovery and eventually being a highly regarded and recognized educator in this field. She recommends finding Essential Oil educators who are recognized by National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy NAHA) and the Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA).

I chose to go to Aromatic Wisdom Institute for my Aromatherapy Certification! It is located in Eastern Pennsylvania and offered a rigorous hands on, 3 month training for that certification. They also have many other classes in addition to that.  I highly recommend this school if you are at all interested in learning more about essential oils. Maybe you are already involved in the sales of essential oils and you use them your self. The science behind the oil’s effectiveness is extremely important to understand and is invaluable when utilizing the therapeutic use of oils. Using essential oils every day is important to keep abreast of their properties, but getting a proper education is extremely important if you want to be safe and reputable.

I will discuss more about my education tomorrow, but if you want to check out more of Liz’s story, read the rest on aromaticwisdominstitute.com/ My unusual introduction into the world of Aromatics written by Liz Fulcher in 2011. She, through her school and literature, is fantastic resource to help you sort through questions on your essential oil journey.She is a gifted and inspirational teacher passionate about the science behind the oils.20150521_133959

What started your interest in Aromatherapy? Have you taken any classes? We want to hear from you today:-)

Education and Essential Oils….


Happy Presidents day!

I would like to take a few days this week to discuss the importance  of education in regards to essential oils. As we are out in the community and at different festivals, we are asked a lot of questions about essential oils and meet a lot of people who sell them.

I want to high light some educators in the field and talk about the passion behind the interest in essential oils. test



Romantic Oils

Happy Friday folks!

Valentine’s day is this weekend, and today we want to share three essential oils to get you in a romantic/loving/peaceful mood, whatever your plans might be with your loved ones. Here are a few to incorporate into your weekend! Our information today comes from Pompeii Organics.

roses edited



We’ve talked about Sandalwood on the blog before. Sandalwood is calming and grounding, making you feel safe and comfortable. It also lifts the mood and functions as an aphrodisiac, which explains why it’s considered a very sensual, romantic oil!


Pink Rose

Rose Absolute  is one of my favorite oils! I love scenting my room with it. It is calming and grounding like Sandalwood, but also very cooling and great for the skin (think rosewater). We’ve talked about some of its amazing skin and mental properties before. Rose Absolute uplifts the mind and puts you in a more loving, romantic mood. This explains why roses are a popular flower for Valentine’s day!

Ylang Ylang

Finally, another oil we’ve featured before, Ylang Ylang is floral and heady, very relaxing and calming, which makes it great for winding down after your Valentine’s dinner. Like Sandalwood, it’s also an aphrodisiac, and it soothes anxious thoughts. For these reasons, it makes a great perfume! Just don’t use too much… you’ll nod off to happy dreams before your weekend plans even get underway. 😉

We hope you enjoy your weekend! Don’t forget to take advantage of our Valentine’s Sale – it ends tomorrow!


Valentines Sale!

Honest Aromas

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Are you looking for a new Essential Oil? We want to hear from you today!IMG_157820150811_121654-001

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