The Best Day Ever!

It’s cold and wintry now, but this still applies – even more so! We often isolate ourselves when it’s winter; we stay inside and lose the activity that comes with warmer weather. Make a promise to yourself to get out and connect with nature this season! It can lift your mood, strengthen your health, and help you find joy in God’s creation. 🙂

Honest Aromas

20140813_192437What does your best day ever look like? This is one of my favorite places in my world! It over looks one of the first Oil Boom towns in history. I love walking, ( or running;-) through these woods. There is something I receive from being in nature, smelling the earth and brushing against the trees. Although my mind may still want to race and think about the things that need done or the pressures and struggles going on in my life….the environment eventually overwhelms me and I become more peaceful.

There have been many times that I take my shoes off and walk bare foot over the roots and rocks on the many trails we walk…..I don’t know, the forest floor beckons for me to do so!

It was only recently that I found out that there is a whole science behind this! One of many believers of this 

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